AAP Punjab youth worker, volunteer leaving the party

Rajinder Singh, once a staunch supporter of AAP Punjab now distanced himself from the party. He is now disheartened from AAP party as he told that the party is not different from other parties.

Singh is not alone as there are so many youngsters who left the party. When the party formed in Punjab, the youth saw a hope that would revive the Punjab. They worked hard for the party and in general elections, the party won four seats.

The victory of four seats from Punjab boosted up the morale of youth workers and volunteers. They started working for the party but the AAP Delhi leaders took the reins of the party.

Rajinder told that the AAP Delhi leaders sidelined the hard working and loyal workers. They started promoting the wealthy people and now the tickets being sold to the affluent people. The AAP workers and volunteers from Bassi Pathana said good bye to the party.

AAP leader Paramjit Pamma has distanced himself from the party after Dr Sanjeev Gautam was declared the party nominee from Anandpur Sahib seat. Pamma, who has remained president of the Congress, Nangal block, and district legal cell chief, joined AAP eight months ago in hope of getting ticket.

The prominent leaders who worked dedicatedly for the party said good bye. Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak are the two leaders who spoiled the environment of AAP Punjab. Virinder Singh Parihar, the fund raising and NRI wing coordinator left the party.

Parihar revealed that the AAP party ignored the hard workers and promoted the corrupt leaders. He told that the party sold the tickets to the affluent candidates. He further added that there is no place of loyal and honest people in AAP.



Why AAP fielding tyros against stalwarts on prominent seats?

The AAP Punjab has been boasting of fielding the tyros against rival stalwarts to hit the headlines. The party has been announcing the novices against the veteran rival politicians. It’s the first assembly election of AAP and the party is overconfident.

The drunkard parliamentarian Bhagwant Mann has been claiming that he would contest from Jalalabad constituency. Mann told that he would contest against Sukhbir Singh Badal. The Sangrur MP has failed to serve the people of his constituency and boasting of contesting election against the Deputy Chief Minister.

It seems that Bhagwant Mann trying to be in the lime light of media. Though he is pulling crowd in his rallied but the people are only interested in his jokes. A resident of Jandiala village told that he is least bother to hear political speech of Mann but he goes to hear only jokes.

The political experts saying that pulling crowd is different and winning the election is difficult. They commented that there were leaders in Punjab who were the excellent crowd pullers but they failed in the elections.

Capt Amarinder Singh had formed his own party SAD Panthik but the party had lost the elections in 1997. Even Amarinder’s security deposit was forfeited at that time.

AAP has announced Himmat Singh Shergill from Majitha constituency. What is the big deal to announce such a new entrant in politics from Majitha seat? Shergill had joined AAP after the general elections and the party claiming that he would give a tough fight to the incumbent MLA Bikram Singh Majitha.

Interestingly, the party fielded Jarnail Singh from Lambi constituency. Jarnail Singh is the sitting MLA in Delhi assembly. Instead of focusing on Delhi, he will contest election from Lambi seat. The Chief Minister of Punjab contest election from Lambi seat. If we compare at the political stature of both, obviously Jarnail Singh is nowhere in front of octogenarian CM.

AAP has been deliberately trying to hit the headlines by announcing the political greenhorns against the prominent rival politicians.

AAP disappoints Bant Singh Jhabbar, inducted his assaulter, eyewitness in the party


The Dalit icon of Mansa, Bant Singh Jhabbar joined AAP but his assaulter and eyewitness too joined AAP in the presence of Sanjay Singh. Without knowing the credentials of Navdeep Singh and Surjit Singh, AAP inducted them in the party.

Bant was disappointed during the function when he saw his assaulter Navdeep Singh and his aide Surjit sharing stage with Sanjay Singh. Navdeep Singh had raped Bant’s daughter and Bant took the matter to police. Navdeep Singh and his aide Surjeet Singh badly beat him with hand pump’s handle in 2006.

Due to the gangrene, he lost his two arms and one leg. However, Bant fought bravely and Navdeep along with Surjeet convicted in the case. The court had awarded seven years of imprisonment to them. However, they both are on bail.

AAP has given the membership to these two criminals who are responsible for the plight of Bant. Sanjay Singh openly accepted them as party members.

It is shameful that the AAP has inducted the two criminals. The party has disappointed Bant Singh. When Bant Singh saw both of them at stage, he said that it is unfortunate. He will continue his struggle against them at any cost.

However, the AAP leaders should think that to whom they are offering the membership. Sanjay Singh should have expelled both of them when he came to know about them. The move has disappointed Jhabbar who is a renowned Dalit face in the country.

AAP has exposed in front of the public for inviting criminals like Navdeep and Surjit. On one hand, Sanjay Singh claimed that the party is with Dalits and on another hand; he accepted those who were the assaulters of Bant Singh. It is clear that the AAP has been duping the people and pleasing the vote banks.


AAP Punjab convener playing cheap stunts to hit headlines

The AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Ghuggi visited Hariket to target the ruling Punjab government on water bus issue. He targeted Punjab government for spending money on water bus. He told that the ruling government should apologise to the people.

He has forgotten that AAP candidate from Majitha Himmat Singh Shergill visited Amritsar and he praised about the beautification work done in Amritsar. Shergill had appreciated the beautification of Golden temple and heritage city Amritsar.

However, Ghuggi forgot that Punjab government delivered its promise of water bus. He did not talk about the developmental work done by the ruling Punjab government. It means he deliberately tried to be in the limelight by visiting Harike.

Ghuggi could have visited Virast-e-Khalsa and other sites where the development is visible. He termed the Deputy CM a liar. However, he forgot that his boss Arvind Kejriwal is the liar of the century. Kejriwal promised to provide free wifi in Delhi.

People of Delhi are waiting for the free wifi since February 2015 but the Delhi government failed to provide the facility. Kejriwal promised to install 15 lakhs CCTV cameras but still nothing has been done so far in this regard.

Kejriwal promised to appoint women commandoes in Delhi buses and the promise to make women police force of 10000 women still a distant dream for Delhi. All the promised made by AAP fails to take the practical shape in Delhi.

Ghuggi should ask his boss Arvind Kejriwal to apologise to the people of Delhi. Punjab government has been working hard to serve the people. The people centric schemes are speaking about the actions of the ruling government.

AAP party has been deliberately trying to woo the Punjabis by misguiding them. Ghuggi should stop playing cheap politics to please the people. Instead of making unrealistic promises, the AAP Punjab should come out with some new concept. However, the party has derailed from its ideology.


Political greenhorn Ghuggi duping Punjab farmers


The AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has been duping the Punjab farmers by promising them to waive off the debt. However, the political greenhorn Gurpreet Ghuggi forgot that only the centre government has the power to waive off the debt.

Even the CM of Punjab has no authority to waive off the bad loans of Punjab farmers. The ruling Punjab government has already put the matter of waive off the debt to centre. But, the ignorant Ghuggi who wanted to be in the limelight tried to dupe the farmers.

He is claiming that the AAP will help the farmers in all aspects if the party forms the government. In fact, he is offering the sops to the farmers without knowing any modality. He said that the party will come up with the various pro-farmers schemes.

When the media asked him that does he knows the procedure of waive off the debt, Ghuggi was speechless. Moreover, he failed to explain even a single pro-farmers centric policy to the media. He has forgotten that his boss Arvind Kejriwal had instigated a farmer to commit suicide during a rally at Jantar Mantar.

A farmer from Rajasthan committed suicide during Kejriwal’s rally at Delhi when Kejriwal was addressing the gathering. Kejriwal didn’t stop his speech when the farmer committed suicide. The Delhi police report had revealed that the AAP leaders instigated the farmer to commit suicide.

The farmers of Delhi have been repenting for electing the AAP government. Kejriwal promised the farmers to give crop damage compensation. But, he didn’t fulfill his promise. Moreover, the power tariffs rates at agriculture farms raised in the national capital.

How AAP Punjab can dupe the public on false promises? Ghuggi should take the classes of politics as he is pretending himself a king of an empire. He should understand that Indian political system is based on democracy politics. There are rules and regulations for forming the laws so how can Ghuggi waive of the debt of the Punjab farmers.

AAP is a party of looters, says Yamini Gomar


“The national executive member of Yamini Gomar AAP exposed the party and revealed that AAP is anti-Dalit, anti-Sikhs and anti-Punjabi. She exposed the ugly face of AAP and said that she committed a blunder mistake by joining the party.”

The AAP Punjab is witnessing rebellion from its member day by day. Yamini Gomar, is another prominent face who said good bye to the party. She was the national executive member and one of the strongest probable Dalit candidates from Sham Chaurasi.

Yamini’s name was first in the probable candidates list. However, the party didn’t clear her name for the ticket. She alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders are controlling the Punjab unit. Senior leaders Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak are collecting money from the wealthy candidates.

She exposed the AAP Punjab observers and told that they are openly indulged in corruption. The party openly selling tickets to criminal background people and ignored the hard workers.

She fired a salvo at Arvind Kejriwal for announcing Dalit leader as Deputy CM. She said that Kejriwal played stunt to woo the vote bank only. She further alleged that the party harassed Dalit workers. Gomar worked hard for the party and in 2014 Lok Sabha elections; she got 2.13 lakh votes from Hoshiarpur constituency. She was a prominent face of the party but the party ditched her.

The rebellion in the AAP party has been increasing day by day. It seems, the AAP will contest only against the rebels. Different groups emerged from the AAP party within a span of few months. However, the internal rift within the party has exposed the party in front of Punjabis.

AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak started selling party tickets to criminals. Those who were claiming that AAP would present an ideal model of crime free politics sold tickets to criminals. It is crystal clear that AAP lost its ground in Punjab.

AAP sold out Jalandhar Cant seat for Rs 1 crore


A new revelation of AAP volunteer proved that AAP sold out tickets in Punjab. Narinder Sing Chawla, an AAP volunteer disclosed that the Jalandhar Cantonment seat was sold to H S Walia for Rs 1 crore. As per the information, Walia paid Rs 1 crore to Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak as party fund.

Chawla further told that he has sufficient proof against Chawla regarding the deal. The party ignored the sincere and hard workers. Senior AAP volunteers also alleged that the party was working like a multi-national company in Punjab and its Delhi leaders as its corporate managers.

AAP leaders, including golden girl of Indian hockey Rajbeer Kaur, Jasvir Singh Shergil, Aam Prakash Singh Babloo, Major Singh, Jagdeep Gill, Dr Inderjeet Singh Bhalla, Dr Jasbir Kaur Gill, Dr Sukhnain, Narinder Singh Chawla revolted against the party.

Chawla alleged that the constituency seat was sold to Walia because he was very confident.Chawla added that when he took up this matter with senior AAP leaders, they elevated Walia to the post of AAP’s Doaba youth wing president instead.

When several deserving candidates were available in Jalandhar Cantt, why party gave ticket to Walia? An AAP worker Dr Vinod Kumar had revealed that Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak asked him for Rs 1 crore as party fund. He told that the both leaders advised him to accept Rs 30 lakhs to withdraw his name.

After the revelation of Dr Vinod Kumar, the party dropped his name from its list. It is now crystal clear that AAP’s main objective is to collect the money from Punjab. The party won four Lok Sabha seats in the general elections and after that the Delhi leaders took the reins of Punjab affairs.

The party is completely hijacked by Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh in Punjab. The factionalism increased in the party due to the dictatorial attitude of both leaders. However, it will affect the party in the upcoming assembly polls.


AAP to face party rebels, winning Punjab polls a distant dream for AAP


The Aam Aadmi Party has been facing the ire of its own rebels and failed to reach out to the masses. The factionalism in the party has been increasing day by day in Punjab. The workers and volunteers of AAP have been turning against the party because of the dictatorial attitude of Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak.

When the party had released its list of the candidates in different phases, the party workers and volunteers raised objection over few names. They demanded the removal of candidates having criminal background. Even they raised their voice against the new comers who got ticket for the polls.

In Zira, the party workers and volunteers have given ultimatum to Arvind Kejriwal to recall Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak to Delhi. Dr Harinder Singh, an AAP worker told that the both leaders interfere in the party matters. Moreover, they showed their reluctance to hear any suggestion or advice from the party workers and volunteers. They demanded that the 53 candidates out of 93 should be changed.

Dr Harinder Singh said that the party has ignored its hard workers and allocated tickets to the tainted candidates. The party workers from different district have quit the party and joined other parties. Since the victory on four Lok Sabha seats in Punjab, the Delhi AAP leaders hijacked the Punjab unit.

As resentment, so many party leaders, worker and volunteers said good bye to AAP. The suspended parliamentarians Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa formed their own outfit. Yongendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan come out with Swaraj India and Sucha Singh Chhotepur formed Aapna Punjab Party.

It seems the AAP Punjab has to face its own rebel groups rather than facing the other political outfits in the Punjab polls.



Kejriwal crying, AAP has no money, AAP Punjab leader exposed Kejriwal


The AAP head Arvind Kejriwal told the media that AAP has no money to contest elections but a party leader exposed him. Kejriwal told the media in Amritsar that party has no money in its bank account to contest Punjab assembly polls.

He was urging the people to donate and vote for AAP. In a rally, he said the workers that each one should ensure that at least 100 people vote and donate to AAP. However, an AAP leader from Hoshiarpur Virinder Singh Parihar revealed the actual plight of AAP.

In a letter written to AAP head, Parihar alleged that the party has been selling the tickets in Punjab. He has also named the AAP leader who sold out the tickets. Parihar mentioned that the party collected crores of funding from each constituency in Punjab.

The AAP leader who is also the co-ordinator of NRI wing accused the AAP leader accepting bribes from people. Moreover, he said that the party has received funding from abroad. A source in the party said the party has been receiving the funding from radicals also.

However, the AAP national convener is crying in front of the people for money. The people of Punjab are aware with the cheap tricks of Kejriwal. During his ten days visit to Punjab, people were reluctant to attend his rallies. Only the rallies witnessed the party leaders, workers and volunteers.

Kejriwal failed to attract the crowd as now people have seen that AAP is doing nothing in Delhi. So, how come the party will serve the Punjab state which is bigger than the national capital?