Sarna hand in glove with troublemakers


Paramjit Singh Sarna, the former DSGMC president is hand in glove with the trouble makers. In his tenure, he gave Delhi Gurdwara stage to Prof Darshan Lal, who talked against our tenth guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Sarna had given Delhi Gurdwara stage to Dhunda who spoke against against Jaap Sahib, Dasam Patshah banee, Sikh traditions and attacked Sri Harmander Sahib.

Sarna continues to invite Dhunda’s missionary cohorts to Delhi and gives them Delhi Gurdwara stage. One of them is Sabhra who is openly seen accompanying Prof Darshan Lal and hence defying Akal Takhat Hukamnama.

Sarna has appointed Tarsem Singh as the Chairman of his Dharam Prachar Committee. He has repeatedly defied Akal Takhat Hukamnama by hosting Prof Darshan Lal in Delhi on many occasions. Last year Tarsem even went to Chandigarh on the invitation of Joginder Spokesman and gave a lecture in his honor.


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