Political greenhorn Ghuggi duping Punjab farmers


The AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has been duping the Punjab farmers by promising them to waive off the debt. However, the political greenhorn Gurpreet Ghuggi forgot that only the centre government has the power to waive off the debt.

Even the CM of Punjab has no authority to waive off the bad loans of Punjab farmers. The ruling Punjab government has already put the matter of waive off the debt to centre. But, the ignorant Ghuggi who wanted to be in the limelight tried to dupe the farmers.

He is claiming that the AAP will help the farmers in all aspects if the party forms the government. In fact, he is offering the sops to the farmers without knowing any modality. He said that the party will come up with the various pro-farmers schemes.

When the media asked him that does he knows the procedure of waive off the debt, Ghuggi was speechless. Moreover, he failed to explain even a single pro-farmers centric policy to the media. He has forgotten that his boss Arvind Kejriwal had instigated a farmer to commit suicide during a rally at Jantar Mantar.

A farmer from Rajasthan committed suicide during Kejriwal’s rally at Delhi when Kejriwal was addressing the gathering. Kejriwal didn’t stop his speech when the farmer committed suicide. The Delhi police report had revealed that the AAP leaders instigated the farmer to commit suicide.

The farmers of Delhi have been repenting for electing the AAP government. Kejriwal promised the farmers to give crop damage compensation. But, he didn’t fulfill his promise. Moreover, the power tariffs rates at agriculture farms raised in the national capital.

How AAP Punjab can dupe the public on false promises? Ghuggi should take the classes of politics as he is pretending himself a king of an empire. He should understand that Indian political system is based on democracy politics. There are rules and regulations for forming the laws so how can Ghuggi waive of the debt of the Punjab farmers.


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