DSGMC started Guru Harrai Sahib Movement to save environment

To save the national capital from pollution, the DSGMC had started the Guru Harrai Sahib movement to save environment from pollution. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the general secretary of DSGMC said that the DSGMC appealed the all Singh Sabha Gurdwaras in Delhi to not use fire crackers during Nagar Kirtans and other religious functions.

Even the DSGMC also promised that no fire crackers would be used in the Nagar Kirtans. Sirsa said that the Delhi government led by AAP failed to tackle the menace of pollution in national capital. The DSGMC also appealed the Gurdwaras not to use the big generators.

Free masks provided to the people at two prominent Gurdwaras in Delhi so that the public could be protected from the pollution.  Sirsa said that the AAP led government has been leveling the allegations against centre for the pollution. But, the government didn’t work out to solve the pollution problem of Delhi.

DSGMC sets up medical, financial and legal council

The DSGMC has fulfilled it’s promised of setting up the medical, financial and legal council. The medical council for health sector set up to monitor the activities of DSGMC hospitals. The medical council properly worked for the better medical facilities in the hospitals and achieved its purpose.

Financial council for the financial sector has been doing great and the legal council has been providing free legal services to the victims of the 1984 anti-riot victims. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the General Secretary of DSGMC said that the party worked hard for the Sikh community and delivered its all promises.

The free legal council helping the 1984 anti-Sikh riot affected families in fighting their cases. Earlier, the private lawyers were charging hefty fee from them and the same facility DSGMC provided free of cost to them.


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