AAP government wasting money on Kejriwal’s calls


AAP spending exchequer’s money lavishly on Kejriwal’s promotion

A resident of Shakti Vihar, Delhi, Sumit Sharma received a phone call and he was stunned when he picked up the phone because the Delhi CM was speaking over the phone. It was a pre-recorded recorded message of Kejriwal boasting of his achievements in Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has been using every method of communication to reach out to the people of Delhi. He has been using the newspapers, television channels, radio stations and now the telephone service providers for his self-promotion.

The AAP strategy is to get Kejriwal to connect personally with as many people so that the fake achievements could be revealed to the residents.

The pre-recorded calls main Arvind Kejriwal bol raha hun astonished the person for a moment but the receivers easily understand the pre-recorded voice. Kejriwal goes on to talk about his achievements in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s calls in Punjab too

In Punjab, the party has been doing the same and people have been receiving the pre-recorded phone calls of Kejriwal. The pre-recorded phone call in Kejriwal’s voice boasts of his achievements in Delhi. The strategy is adopted to woo the voters in Punjab by telling them the fake achievements of the government. The party has been eyeing the assembly polls so the trick is being played to win the support of people.

AAP spending public money lavishly on Keriwal’s promotion

 As per the information by an official of Delhi government, the exchequer money is being spent on the phone calls. The major service providers including BSNL have been given a lot of money to spread the pre-recorded messages to their customers.

AAP spending Delhi exchequer’s money in Punjab

The ruling government in Delhi has been spending the Delhi taxpayers’ money in Punjab too. The money is being spent in Punjab for the glorification of the AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal. A resident of Delhi from Shahdara said, “AAP had won the assembly polls on its fake idea of austerity politics. The party has been diverting the hard earned money of Delhi people for their political activities in other state. Kejriwal cleverly won our trust but now he is completely exposed.”