AAP is a party of looters, says Yamini Gomar


“The national executive member of Yamini Gomar AAP exposed the party and revealed that AAP is anti-Dalit, anti-Sikhs and anti-Punjabi. She exposed the ugly face of AAP and said that she committed a blunder mistake by joining the party.”

The AAP Punjab is witnessing rebellion from its member day by day. Yamini Gomar, is another prominent face who said good bye to the party. She was the national executive member and one of the strongest probable Dalit candidates from Sham Chaurasi.

Yamini’s name was first in the probable candidates list. However, the party didn’t clear her name for the ticket. She alleged that the AAP Delhi leaders are controlling the Punjab unit. Senior leaders Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak are collecting money from the wealthy candidates.

She exposed the AAP Punjab observers and told that they are openly indulged in corruption. The party openly selling tickets to criminal background people and ignored the hard workers.

She fired a salvo at Arvind Kejriwal for announcing Dalit leader as Deputy CM. She said that Kejriwal played stunt to woo the vote bank only. She further alleged that the party harassed Dalit workers. Gomar worked hard for the party and in 2014 Lok Sabha elections; she got 2.13 lakh votes from Hoshiarpur constituency. She was a prominent face of the party but the party ditched her.

The rebellion in the AAP party has been increasing day by day. It seems, the AAP will contest only against the rebels. Different groups emerged from the AAP party within a span of few months. However, the internal rift within the party has exposed the party in front of Punjabis.

AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak started selling party tickets to criminals. Those who were claiming that AAP would present an ideal model of crime free politics sold tickets to criminals. It is crystal clear that AAP lost its ground in Punjab.


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