Aam Aadmi Kejriwal gets Khas ghar in Punjab


The so-called Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal has turned into a special person as he is staying in a luxurious sprawling bungalow at Jhande village during his four days tour in Punjab.

KNS Kang, who heads the PCTE group of institutes, has a luxurious bungalow and he has given the spacious accommodation to Kejriwal.  The bungalow has a swimming pool and acres of greens.

An SUV has given to Kejriwal for his four-day tour by Kang. The AAP party workers and leaders are saying that the place is identified for the stay of party head because of security reasons.

However, the sources explained that the luxurious sprawling bungalow was finalised by the Delhi AAP leaders so that Kejriwal could stay in a good accommodation and moreover, the party would pay the rent of the bungalow. On the other hand, the AAP workers saying that Kang has host Kejriwal but as per the information, the party is paying a huge amount as a rent for the bungalow.

He is the same Kejriwal who used to talk about a common man has now become a special person and started acting like a king.  Who will pay the rent for the accommodation? Off course the taxpayers of Delhi who trusted Kejriwal and chosen him as CM of Delhi. However, Kejriwal has been lavishly spending the public money on his lavish lifestyle and his personal needs.

After touring Punjab, Kejriwal would go for his throat surgery in Bengaluru and he will spend ten days in the private hospital. In January this year, Kejriwal had gone to Bengaluru for the treatment of his chronic cough.

An RTI information had revealed that Kejriwal spent Rs 80 lakh in Bengaluru for his treatment in a private hospital. If we talk about Punjab, Kejriwal could have stayed in a government guest house as being a chief minister of a state, he is entitled to stay in a government accommodation. Hence, it is proved that Kejriwal is a hypocrite who duped the public of Delhi.