Phoolka should apologise to Sikhs


The senior lawyer of Supreme Court of India and AAP leader H S Phoolka should explain why the AAP government in Delhi failed to bring justice to the 1984 anti-riots affected families.

During the campaign of Delhi assembly elections, the AAP party had promised the riots affected families to form a SIT and the culprits would put behind the bars. The point was mentioned in one of the main agendas of the party’s manifesto. However, nothing has done so far in this regard.

The different Sikh organisations had demanded a fair probe in the missing files case. The “AAP government” facing criticism and a picture of Kejriwal with Tytler in which both were smiling and holding hands together revealed the relationship of the duo.

According to the information, the organisation had also demanded the inquiry against Phoolka and the case of the Sikh carnage is lingered on since 1984. The picture of Kejriwal with Tytler should be matter of concern as Kejriwal was boldly said that he would put Tytler behind bars if forms the government in Delhi.

Phoolka had joined the “Aam Aadmi Party” in 2014 when he saw the muffler man highlighting the issue as he knew that a political platform will enhance his publicity across the country. Moreover, he was very much aware of the fact that he could be the most valuable vote bank of “AAP” because of the case.

The careless AAP government claimed that a SIT was formed but the officials lost the SIT report files. The matter unearthed when the AAP government sent a letter to the concerned ministry about the SIT files.

However, the AAP leader Phoolka did not make any statement on the mission files issue. He has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by delaying the justice. He has forgotten that Justice delayed means justice denied.


Kejriwal needs Dalit votes, he has no interest in their uplift, says Kanshi Ram’s sister


The national convener of Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal drew flak from the Kanshi Ram’s sister Swaran Kaur as she said that the AAP had given tickets to wealthy and influential candidates. Moreover, she said that Kejriwal has no love for Punjabis and his only aim was to get the power by exploiting the Dalit vote bank.

As per the information, the Kanshi Ram Charitable Foundation has decided to distance itself from the AAP. Swaran Kaur, sister of the BSP founder Kanshi Ram who is also the chairman of the foundation said that AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal had lost the faith of the common man in the state.

She further told that Kejriwal had no love for Punjabis and his only aim was to get power by exploiting Dalit vote bank. Kejriwal had visited the birthplace of Kanshi Ram six months ago on March 5 on the invitation of Swaran Kaur. After paying tributes to Kanshi Ram, he along with his senior party leaders had a closed door meeting with her.

Kejriwal had demanded Bharat Ratna for Kanshi Ram and since then speculations were rife that Swaran Kaur or her relatives would be fielded by the AAP during the Assembly elections.

Kaur along with the secretary of the foundation Lakhbir Singh said they had made it clear to Kejriwal that they would not seek any ticket from the AAP. She said that the AAP party had preferred to allocate tickets to influential and wealthy people.

She said Lal Singh, a poor man and former vice-president of the BSP, had worked hard for AAP in Punjab and became its vice-president. AAP party, however, ignoring his services allocated the ticket to former MP Mohan Singh Phalianwala from Ferozepur rural.

Swaran Kaur said that though Kejriwal needed the votes of Dalits, he had no interest in their uplift.

Sukhpal Khaira busy in his makeover for publicity


The Aam Aadmi Party leader and the candidate from Bholath Sukhpal Singh Khaira has kept himself busy in his makeover for the publicity. He has been making efforts for space in the print media.

According to the information, half an hour before the AAP was scheduled to announce its third list of candidates, Khaira sent an email to Journalists. He wrote, “Dear friend, I am attaching a couple of my latest photographs just in case you need them for future use.”

His sole concern was the photos that would go with the story. Knowing how publicity-hungry Khaira is, it came as no surprise.

Khaira, a turncoat, did not miss even a single chance to grab the opportunity to get fame. He had betrayed his old party for great political prospects in AAP. Khaira had not given a position in the Congress unit of Punjab, and that’s why he left his old party.

At that time he had told the media that Congress has strong chances of winning the state assembly elections in 2017 if party high command takes some drastic decisions and make a total revamp of the state unit.

Khaira is an over-ambitious politician who can do anything for his personal gains. Earlier he was in Shiromani Akali Dal and left the party to join Congress. When he was the spokesperson of Congress, he used to back up his party.

However, when he was sidelined by the party for his frequent statements to media without consulting senior leadership, Khaira changed his party and joined AAP party for better political prospects.

AAP has no CM face for Punjab polls


The Aam Aadmi Party has no single face in Punjab for the Chief Ministerial candidate for the upcoming Punjab assembly polls.

The AAP Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh has been making tall claims that the party will declare its chief ministerial candidate for Punjab at an appropriate time.

Sanjay said that if the party is voted to power in Punjab, it will provide“good governance” in the state. The AAP Punjab in-charge has been befooling Punjabis as the entire country knows about the truth of AAP-led Delhi government.

The AAP party leaders are trying to woo the voters of Punjab by depicting the wrong facts about the welfare activities done in Delhi by AAP government. They are telling the Punjabis that the party has improved the healthcare facilities in Delhi.

However, the ‘Dengue’ and ‘Chikungunya’ broke out in Delhi, and the entire AAP cabinet along with the Delhi Chief Minister was busy in other states. The party has been stating that it would win the assembly polls and the CM candidate would be declared at the appropriate time.

There is no candidate in the party that could be presented as CM candidate for assembly polls.

Bhagwant Mann and Gurpreet Ghuggi can’t be presented as CM candidates. The Supreme Court lawyer and senior leader HS Phoolka is not the leader of masses. The former Journalist turned politician Kanwar Sandhu, and Sukhpal Singh Khaira has no capability of the chief ministerial candidate.

The AAP national convener had taken charge of AAP Punjab, but in the history of Punjab politics, there was no Hindu face as CM candidate. The former Chief Ministers were from Jat Sikh clan and the incumbent Punjab CM also hails from Jat Sikh clan.


A political greenhorn in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi mixing politics with comedy


The new AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has been mixing politics with comedy as he is saying that Punjab is crying and he is trying to make the people laugh.

Born to a family of ex-servicemen in Khokhar Faujian village of Batala in Majha region, Ghuggi started his acting from skits. Ghuggi studied at Doaba College in Jalandhar and eventually went to the Doordarshan regional centre as a TV artiste.

The novice in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi has been making absurd statements that Punjab is crying, and he is making the people laugh. What a stupid statement he gave? He has mixed politics with comedy.

A politician has a responsibility to serve the people so that they could be happy. It is only the work which makes a politician great and comedy may keep the people laugh for some time.

It shows that the AAP leaders have immature political thinking and they think that only comedy may keep people laugh. Ghuggi who is a liar and u-turn taker had told the media in the last week of January 2016 that he would not join politics and he claimed himself an artist only. However, in the first week in February 2016 when Ghuggi saw prospects in politics, he joined AAP Party.

A liar can’t serve the people as politics is a platform which requires maturity. But, the immature AAP Punjab convener is ignorant about the fact. The entire AAP party team has been playing with the sentiments of the people.

In Delhi, the party promised the moon but delivered nothing. All the promises made by the party just remained in the papers only, and nothing has fulfilled.