Clever Kejriwal met prominent dera heads of Punjab


Tried to please them for their support to AAP in 2017 polls

The AAP supremo during his recent visit to Punjab had deliberately put his all efforts to please the dalits along with the different dera heads in Punjab.

During his visit to Punjab on the birth anniversary of founder of late BSP leader Kanshi Ram, the AAP supremo had scheduled his visit to Dera Sachkand Ballan, the village of environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal and at Valmik Yog Ashram.

Kejriwal had arrived at Dera Sachkhand Ballan, a sect with considerable Dalit following, on Tuesday.  He had a closed-door meeting with the sect chief, Sant Niranjan Singh.

The AAP national convener had visited Seechewal’s village where he spent half an hour at the sewage treatment plant being used for irrigation purposes.

As per the information, the last stop of the muffler man was the dera of Baba Pargat Nath. The dera has a huge following among the Valmiki community in the area.

Kejriwal bait the dera heads to woo the people

The Chief Minister of Delhi has tried to bait the dera heads in Punjab so that the following of the sects could support the AAP in the Punjab assembly polls in 2017. The muffler man invited Balbir Singh Seechewal in Delhi and requested him to come to help the government for cleaning the Yamuna.

AAP party supremo has perfectly en cashed his Punjab tour and moreover, he did not leave any chance to please the activists or dera heads. Kejriwal knows that if the leader is happy with AAP then it’s obvious that the followers would follow their heads.

The deras’ have huge fan following of dalits

On the birth anniversary of BSP founder Kanshi Ram, the Chief Minister of Delhi had targeted two deras’, Dera Sachkhand Ballan and dera of Baba Pargat Nath. The deras’ have huge followers from the dalit community and they were on the radars of Kejriwal. The AAP national convenor knew that Punjab has maximum number of dalit voters in the state as compare to other states.