AAP disappoints Bant Singh Jhabbar, inducted his assaulter, eyewitness in the party


The Dalit icon of Mansa, Bant Singh Jhabbar joined AAP but his assaulter and eyewitness too joined AAP in the presence of Sanjay Singh. Without knowing the credentials of Navdeep Singh and Surjit Singh, AAP inducted them in the party.

Bant was disappointed during the function when he saw his assaulter Navdeep Singh and his aide Surjit sharing stage with Sanjay Singh. Navdeep Singh had raped Bant’s daughter and Bant took the matter to police. Navdeep Singh and his aide Surjeet Singh badly beat him with hand pump’s handle in 2006.

Due to the gangrene, he lost his two arms and one leg. However, Bant fought bravely and Navdeep along with Surjeet convicted in the case. The court had awarded seven years of imprisonment to them. However, they both are on bail.

AAP has given the membership to these two criminals who are responsible for the plight of Bant. Sanjay Singh openly accepted them as party members.

It is shameful that the AAP has inducted the two criminals. The party has disappointed Bant Singh. When Bant Singh saw both of them at stage, he said that it is unfortunate. He will continue his struggle against them at any cost.

However, the AAP leaders should think that to whom they are offering the membership. Sanjay Singh should have expelled both of them when he came to know about them. The move has disappointed Jhabbar who is a renowned Dalit face in the country.

AAP has exposed in front of the public for inviting criminals like Navdeep and Surjit. On one hand, Sanjay Singh claimed that the party is with Dalits and on another hand; he accepted those who were the assaulters of Bant Singh. It is clear that the AAP has been duping the people and pleasing the vote banks.



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