AAP’s 21 parliamentary secretaries ‘Unconstitutional’, says LG

“Aam Aadmi Party may shout about austerity but contrary to their claims, Delhi government has formed a jumbo ministry with appointment of 21 MLAs as parliamentary secretaries. Taking notice on violation of norms, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has termed the appointment as unconstitutional.”

0320140912_DLI_SV_MN_Najeeb Jung--621x414.jpg

 After taking charge of the Delhi government, Arvind Kejriwal appointed 21 of its MLAs as parliamentary secretary with an aim to reward them by offering lucrative position. Three parliamentary secretaries were attached with each minister. Kejriwal might have tried to appease them by offering plum position but this move has now come under the scanner of independent agencies after receiving the notice from Election Commission & Delhi High Court respectively and now Lieutenant Governor has slammed Arvind Kejriwal for their appointment.

Unconstitutional posts

Najeeb Jung, Lieutenant Governor has termed the appointment of 21 parliamentary secretaries as ‘unconstitutional’ and went on to state that they fear the risk of getting disqualified. Jung explained that office of parliamentary secretary is defined as an office of profit and Delhi can have only one parliamentary secretary, attached to the office of chief minister.

Notice by Election Commision

The Election Commission (EC) had earlier issued notices to 21 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs. They were asked to explain the validity of their appointments by submitting affidavits and relevant documents.

The notices were issued after a petition was filed by an NGO stating that the appointment was made in violation of mandatory norms as these post falls under the category of profit.

Notice by Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court had earlier slammed AAP government for violation. It is noteworthy that Delhi High court had earlier challenged AAP government’s move and sent to a notice to the government.

Rashtriya Mukti Morcha, an NGO had petitioned the Delhi High Court, stating that 21 MLAs appointed as parliamentary secretaries enjoy the status and perks of ministers.


AAP and Cong indulges in meal politics


In Sangrur, AAP held paid dinner, Cong served free food

A healthy competition between the AAP party and the Congress party workers witnessed in Sangrur as the both were indulged in the meal politics to woo the voters.

AAP leaders had arranged a paid dinner party for fund raising and the minimum price for per plate was Rs 5000. As per the information, people came to attend the dinner in their luxury cars. A lot of industrialists, prominent local personalities on the area and even the other party workers were stepping out from their luxury cars after reaching the venue.

For Bhagwant Mann, the luxury car owners were Aam Aadmi 


The AAP leader and Member Parliament from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann told the media that the dinner party was attended by the common people. They were all Aam Aadmi for the Sangrur MP. If the definition of Aam Aadmi is the person who owns a luxury car, then one can imagine the definition of a rich man.

Congress served free Langar in front of AAP venue

The local leaders of the Congress party also played a publicity stunt to woo the people by serving free langar in front of the same venue where AAP held their paid meeting.

It was just like a competition for both the parties to woo the people. The timings of the paid dinner and langar were same.

Meal politics would do nothing in the state, says expers

The political experts rule out any outcome of the meal politics done by the both parties to woo the people. AAP leaders are fetching money from the political aspirants who are being neglected in their own parties. On the other hand, Congress is trying to woo the people by serving free langar. AAP playing paid politics and Congress playing free meal politics. The stunts may give the political fame to the parties but the final verdict of the assembly polls would be given by the people of Punjab in 2017.