Former Social Media in charge of Fazilka Zone exposes AAP

A disheartened AAP worker who wholeheartedly worked for the party and the former Social Media in charge of Fazilka zone, Kirti Sihag left the party as a result of the dictatorial attitude of AAP Delhi leaders.

Sihag revealed the shocking facts about the party and she recently left the party because of the self-styled attitude of AAP Delhi leaders who have captured the reins of AAP Punjab.

Kirti Sihag had left her job as HR manager and joined the party with high hopes from the AAP. She was made the in charge of Social Media wing of Fazilka Zone six months back. When she joined the party, she was confident that the party would present an excellent example of the Indian political system.

She worked for the party wholeheartedly but she disappointed with the top leaders like Sanjay Singh who gave her five minutes to hear the problems in Punjab. Sihag said that she went to Delhi to meet Sanjay Singh so that she could tell him the issues prevailing in her zone. However, Singh gave her five minutes and he did not hear her properly.

She said that when he did not give much time to Social Media in charge so what would be the plight of AAP workers who are working hard for the party. She alleged that those who have links with AAP Delhi leaders got recognition and the grass root level workers and leaders being ignored by the party.

She further said that after the announcement of the tickets, the party gave the ticket to Samarbir Singh from Fazilka constituency. She revealed that she asked the secretary of women wing of the area, Gagandeep Mangetkar who told her that the party did not hold any meeting or conducted any survey for the selection of the candidate from Fazilka seat.

She said that she questioned the leaders for the criteria of selecting Samarbir Singh as their candidate. She said that the tickets were allocated by taking money from the candidates and hard workers of the party were ignored.

Finally, after getting heartened from the party’s attitude she left the party. She said that the party is same like other parties and the people who joined the party with hopes of change are ignored by the AAP Delhi leaders.