Phoolka on political honeymoon to Canada


“The movement started for the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims by Supreme Court lawyer HS Phoolka in 1984 still going on in court and the lawyer left all the victims in lurch. The cases of riot victims proved to be a boon for Phoolka as he was inducted in AAP and these days he is enjoying his political honeymoon in Canada. He did not bother about the victims as he has nothing to do with them. He has only one ambition of political gains at any cost.”

Phoolka’s political honeymoon

The anti-Sikh riot victims are still waiting for the justice and they had high hopes with Phoolka who ditched them. The AAP senior leader is busy in propagating about the party in Canada. Phoolka has been meeting the NRI’s in different parts of Canada and trying to convince them for contributing for the party. Moreover, he is also asking for the party funds from the NRI’s so that in Punjab assembly polls the party could spend maximum money to woo the voters. Even the fake achievements of the Kejriwal government in Delhi have been projected in front of the NRI’s so that the party could get their support at massive strength.

Who is paying for Phoolka?

As per the information, the entire tour of Phoolka is sponsored by the AAP party and interestingly, the public money is being spent on the tour. The tax payers’ money in Delhi has been spent on the tour lavishly as he is staying in the hotels and enjoying the paid taxi rides to the different places in Canada. The entire political tour is from the public money which the party is spending on its own leaders instead of Delhi public. Earlier, the other prominent leaders of the party were touring in Canada on public money.

AAP duped 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims

The shameless AAP leaders have been duping the riot victims as they are enjoying their political honeymoons abroad and the victims are putting their all hopes on them. However, Phoolka has all the excuses to evade from the questions of the riot victims. He will come up with a new reason in front of the victims this time also.


Kejriwal openly “begged” money from NRI’s


When the Chief Minister of Delhi left his own state in lurch during the water crisis for political holidays in Punjab, it was evident that Kejriwal had some motive of his Punjab tour.

The main motive of the AAP national convenor was clear during his five days Punjab tour. Arvind Kejriwal had visited different parts of the state but he did not miss the chance to visit in Doaba region.

The region has given the maximum funding to the party in a span of three years. Even it was announced by the independent educational groups that the party has received maximum funding from abroad as compare to the other political parties.

AK attended a meeting of NRI’s at Phagwara

Kejriwal had attended a meeting of NRI’s at Chiheru village near Phagwara jointly organised by India Canada village improvement trust President G S Gill and Canada’s former cabinet minister Herb Dhaliwal. In that meeting, NRI’s from other countries were also present.

The Chief Minister of Delhi asked them to help the party in Punjab polls and if AAP forms the government, he allured them that the NRI’s would get “Proper Platform” in the state.

He urged them to donate money for the party as the party is entirely dependent on funding from abroad.

He begged in front of NRI’s


Kejriwal shed crocodile tears in front of the NRI’s and said, “We are starved of funds. You have supported us in the past. Support us financially to contest 2017 assembly polls in Punjab.”

He has failed to do anything for Delhi and he promised NRI’s that Punjab will really be another California if AAP comes into power.

The Chief Minister of Delhi has mastered the art of making money and he did the same with NRI’s during his Punjab visit. He promised them to provide good atmosphere in Punjab for investment if AAP wins 2017 polls.


He can do anything for money

The founding members of AAP who were expelled by the AAP national convenor Kejriwal said that they paid the price of speaking truth. One of the founding member who left Kejriwal because of his dictatorial attitude said, “He has nothing to do with the development. He is hungry for the votes only. If you give him any idea which can fetch him votes, he will accept it happily. If you talk about the money, he will never miss a chance to woo the richest voters.”