Sarna has no respect for Akal Takht

The former Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee President
Paramjit Singh Sarma disresepected the orders of Akal Takht, the
supreme authority of Sikhs.

Delhi Development Authority had alloted the land to the committee for
the construction of Guru Harkrishan Hospital, Bala Sahib. Sarna was
the presiden tof DSGMC at that time.

He had signed a deal with a private company to manage the hospital.
However, it was against the orders of Akal Takht. But, Sarna had to
settle his score so he didn’t bother and signe the deal with the

Sources had revealed that Sarna signed the company on 20 per cent
commission. He wanted to use the money of Delhi Gurudwara Committee
for the construction of the hospital. But, hiring a private company
was against the laws of Akal Takht.