Kejriwal becomes CM of Punjab by an unauthentic website


AAP’s own website declared himself a winner

Punjab polls would be scheduled in 2017 and the AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has declared himself the Chief Minister of Punjab much prior before the polls.

The astrologer Kejriwal has started boasting of his victory in Punjab. In 2016, the AAP national convenor has made few visits in Punjab and he has hardly spent days in the state. But, he knows the issues of entire Punjab state. A failed CM of Delhi had claimed that only five days are sufficient to understand the problems of Punjab.

A new web portal of Delhi made Kejriwal Punjab CM


A new web portal of Delhi has declared Kejriwal as Punjab CM. As per the information, an opinion poll conducted a portal called “India Trending Now” has shown that AAP would win 85-89 seats in the Punjab assembly polls.

 The opinion poll also projected Arvind Kejriwal as the most favourite leader for the chief ministerial post of Punjab.

AAP is the main sponsor of the website given opinion poll

The sources said that the AAP is the main sponsor of the Delhi based website and the website has not done any prior poll opinion survey of any state of this country.

A website based in New Delhi without having proper infrastructure and funding conducted a poll opinion survey. Moreover, the website has not mentioned the methodology used for the survey.

AAP has kept aside a budget of Rs 526 crore for advertisements and majority of the national newspapers are seen flooded with the advertisements of AAP government.

An advertisement was released to a newspaper of Kerala in which the party had projected a cleanliness drive conducted at Delhi.

Political experts make mockery of the opinion poll

According to the political experts, the survey has been depicting the results of polls scheduled in 2017. Moreover, the experts also challenged the credibility of the web portal as in the country’s history; no such opinion poll was conducted in any state. The opinion poll shown on the website is paid.

Why a new website shown interest for the Punjab polls? The answer is the website is owned by AAP as the majority of the funding is being given by the party.



AAP finds a cheap trick to woo farmers at “PAU Kissan fair”

AAP pic 1

Set up a stall at PAU, offered tea and snacks to please farmers

The workers and leaders of AAP have proved that they can go for anything to please the voters by their cheap tactics. In Punjab, the party has been eyeing on those people who are the biggest vote banks in the state.

AAP workers and leaders are not leaving any chance to woo the public as the assembly elections will be held in 2017. The AAP national convener, Arvind Kejriwal had played his cards during his Punjab visits by meeting the farmers and assuring them with the false promises.

AAP reaches PAU Kissan fair and set up a stall to please them

Punjab Agricultural University had organized a Kissan fair on Friday for the farmers. The Ludhiana wing of Aam Aadmi Party played a cheap stunt outside the gate of the varsity to make farmers happy. As per the information, the party had set up a stall outside the gate number two of the varsity especially for the farmers and served them tea along with snacks.

Politics or social service

The party local leaders claimed that the stall was set up for serving the farmers tea and snacks. However, the motive of the stall was only politics. The AAP volunteers distributed the pamphlets containing policies and programmes of the party to clean the corruption from the system and ensure the involvement of Aam Aadmi in the governance.

AAP Ka Daan team started enrolling farmers on stall

The cheapness of the local wing of AAP had clearly visible at the stall when the party’s Aap Ka Daan team had started enrolling the farmers who came to their stall. The farmers were lured by the party volunteers and they were encouraged to join the party. It was evident that the party workers were filling the forms of farmers themselves to show the leadership about the membership drive. The main objective of the party was to increase the membership of the farmers by a cheap stunt.