AAP sold out Jalandhar Cant seat for Rs 1 crore


A new revelation of AAP volunteer proved that AAP sold out tickets in Punjab. Narinder Sing Chawla, an AAP volunteer disclosed that the Jalandhar Cantonment seat was sold to H S Walia for Rs 1 crore. As per the information, Walia paid Rs 1 crore to Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak as party fund.

Chawla further told that he has sufficient proof against Chawla regarding the deal. The party ignored the sincere and hard workers. Senior AAP volunteers also alleged that the party was working like a multi-national company in Punjab and its Delhi leaders as its corporate managers.

AAP leaders, including golden girl of Indian hockey Rajbeer Kaur, Jasvir Singh Shergil, Aam Prakash Singh Babloo, Major Singh, Jagdeep Gill, Dr Inderjeet Singh Bhalla, Dr Jasbir Kaur Gill, Dr Sukhnain, Narinder Singh Chawla revolted against the party.

Chawla alleged that the constituency seat was sold to Walia because he was very confident.Chawla added that when he took up this matter with senior AAP leaders, they elevated Walia to the post of AAP’s Doaba youth wing president instead.

When several deserving candidates were available in Jalandhar Cantt, why party gave ticket to Walia? An AAP worker Dr Vinod Kumar had revealed that Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak asked him for Rs 1 crore as party fund. He told that the both leaders advised him to accept Rs 30 lakhs to withdraw his name.

After the revelation of Dr Vinod Kumar, the party dropped his name from its list. It is now crystal clear that AAP’s main objective is to collect the money from Punjab. The party won four Lok Sabha seats in the general elections and after that the Delhi leaders took the reins of Punjab affairs.

The party is completely hijacked by Durgesh Pathak and Sanjay Singh in Punjab. The factionalism increased in the party due to the dictatorial attitude of both leaders. However, it will affect the party in the upcoming assembly polls.



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