Kejriwal crying, AAP has no money, AAP Punjab leader exposed Kejriwal


The AAP head Arvind Kejriwal told the media that AAP has no money to contest elections but a party leader exposed him. Kejriwal told the media in Amritsar that party has no money in its bank account to contest Punjab assembly polls.

He was urging the people to donate and vote for AAP. In a rally, he said the workers that each one should ensure that at least 100 people vote and donate to AAP. However, an AAP leader from Hoshiarpur Virinder Singh Parihar revealed the actual plight of AAP.

In a letter written to AAP head, Parihar alleged that the party has been selling the tickets in Punjab. He has also named the AAP leader who sold out the tickets. Parihar mentioned that the party collected crores of funding from each constituency in Punjab.

The AAP leader who is also the co-ordinator of NRI wing accused the AAP leader accepting bribes from people. Moreover, he said that the party has received funding from abroad. A source in the party said the party has been receiving the funding from radicals also.

However, the AAP national convener is crying in front of the people for money. The people of Punjab are aware with the cheap tricks of Kejriwal. During his ten days visit to Punjab, people were reluctant to attend his rallies. Only the rallies witnessed the party leaders, workers and volunteers.

Kejriwal failed to attract the crowd as now people have seen that AAP is doing nothing in Delhi. So, how come the party will serve the Punjab state which is bigger than the national capital?





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