Why H S Phoolka failed to bring justice for riot affected families?


The senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of India H S Phoolka failed to bring justice for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as he is fighting the cases since 1984. He has forgotten that justice delayed is justice denied.

Why Phoolka took so many years and the cases have been lingering on in the courts despite having the sufficient evidence, proof and eyewitnesses against Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.

Phoolka took up the cases of riot affected families to gain fame in his career. He joined hands with the Congress leaders Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar so that’s why he is delaying the cases deliberately.

He had joined Aam Aadmi Party and the party had promised to put the culprits of the Sikh carnage behind the bars. However, nothing has been done so far in this regard.

Even it is evident that the AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal is hand in glove with Jagdish Tytler. A picture of Kejriwal holding hand of Tytler revealed the relationship of the duo.

At that time, Phoolka was a silent spectator the event and didn’t speak against his boss. Phoolka has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by duping them. The carnage happened in 1984 and after 32 years, the culprits are roaming free in the country.

Let’s have a look at Justice (Retd) R S Sodhi who filed a PIL in the 1991 Pilibhit fake counter and the court sentenced the life term to the 47 policemen. The incident took place on July 12, 1991, when the Uttar Pradesh police stopped a luxury bus in which a group of Sikh pilgrims were travelling.


The bus was stopped near Kachla Bridge in Badaun district where the police reportedly offloaded 10 pilgrims. They were made to board a mini bus. Later, the pilgrims were divided into three groups — two of four each and one of the remaining two. Separate police teams then took them to the jurisdiction of different police stations where they were killed in cold blood.


The lure of awards for killing so-called dreaded terrorists was reportedly the motive behind the killings. Some of the Sikh youth had terror-related cases pending against them which the police had come to know.


Supreme Court advocate and former Justice RS Sodhi had filed a PIL in the apex court seeking a CBI probe, which was ordered. If Sodhi’s single PIL could have affected the case then why Phoolka didn’t put hard efforts to bring the justice for the Sikh riot affected families.



Phoolka should apologise to Sikhs


The senior lawyer of Supreme Court of India and AAP leader H S Phoolka should explain why the AAP government in Delhi failed to bring justice to the 1984 anti-riots affected families.

During the campaign of Delhi assembly elections, the AAP party had promised the riots affected families to form a SIT and the culprits would put behind the bars. The point was mentioned in one of the main agendas of the party’s manifesto. However, nothing has done so far in this regard.

The different Sikh organisations had demanded a fair probe in the missing files case. The “AAP government” facing criticism and a picture of Kejriwal with Tytler in which both were smiling and holding hands together revealed the relationship of the duo.

According to the information, the organisation had also demanded the inquiry against Phoolka and the case of the Sikh carnage is lingered on since 1984. The picture of Kejriwal with Tytler should be matter of concern as Kejriwal was boldly said that he would put Tytler behind bars if forms the government in Delhi.

Phoolka had joined the “Aam Aadmi Party” in 2014 when he saw the muffler man highlighting the issue as he knew that a political platform will enhance his publicity across the country. Moreover, he was very much aware of the fact that he could be the most valuable vote bank of “AAP” because of the case.

The careless AAP government claimed that a SIT was formed but the officials lost the SIT report files. The matter unearthed when the AAP government sent a letter to the concerned ministry about the SIT files.

However, the AAP leader Phoolka did not make any statement on the mission files issue. He has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by delaying the justice. He has forgotten that Justice delayed means justice denied.

H S Phoolka Vs Justice R S Sodhi


Sodhi, a real partisan of Sikhs

The senior Supreme Court lawyer, H S Phoolka had started spearheading the legal battle of the Sikh carnage in 1984 and despite after 32 years, he failed to bring justice for the Sikhs. Moreover, the lawyer did not win even a single case in the battle.

He has played up with the emotions of the 1984 riot affected families who have shown their faith on Phoolka but he let down the trust of the affected families.

On the other hand, Justice RS Sodhi is the lawyer who boldly fought against the erring 47 cops of UP Police. The cops killed 10 Sikh youth in fake encounter and posed them the militants. Sodhi, a brave lawyer and a real well-wisher of Sikh community fought till the end and successfully convinced the court to give a verdict of life imprisonment for all.

Austere Sodhi and Rich Phoolka

Sodhi had started his legal battle in 1991 and he actually followed the case properly. The entire Sikh community credited the justice to Sodhi who has an austere lifestyle. Sodhi is living in a simple house and owns an old Fiat car.

He fought for justice free of cost and he did not charge for the other petty expenses from the families of Sikh youth who were killed in fake encounter.

On the other hand, Phoolka who has not fought only riot cases raised himself from rags to riches. The legal journey started from a cycle now ended at Mercedes Bens, Innova and two other SUV cars. Moreover, the lawyer has crores of assets. He made residential and commercial property along with the huge investments in stock market.

Phoolka deliberately delayed the cases for money, Sodhi fought genuinely

Phoolka has political ambitions and moreover, he wanted to get fame. He always gave his statements to media after the hearings. On the other hand, Sodhi silently fought the legal battle and successfully brought justice to the families of innocent Sikh youth who were encountered by UP police. The special CBI court awarded sentence to 47 cops for life term.

Phoolka on political honeymoon to Canada


“The movement started for the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims by Supreme Court lawyer HS Phoolka in 1984 still going on in court and the lawyer left all the victims in lurch. The cases of riot victims proved to be a boon for Phoolka as he was inducted in AAP and these days he is enjoying his political honeymoon in Canada. He did not bother about the victims as he has nothing to do with them. He has only one ambition of political gains at any cost.”

Phoolka’s political honeymoon

The anti-Sikh riot victims are still waiting for the justice and they had high hopes with Phoolka who ditched them. The AAP senior leader is busy in propagating about the party in Canada. Phoolka has been meeting the NRI’s in different parts of Canada and trying to convince them for contributing for the party. Moreover, he is also asking for the party funds from the NRI’s so that in Punjab assembly polls the party could spend maximum money to woo the voters. Even the fake achievements of the Kejriwal government in Delhi have been projected in front of the NRI’s so that the party could get their support at massive strength.

Who is paying for Phoolka?

As per the information, the entire tour of Phoolka is sponsored by the AAP party and interestingly, the public money is being spent on the tour. The tax payers’ money in Delhi has been spent on the tour lavishly as he is staying in the hotels and enjoying the paid taxi rides to the different places in Canada. The entire political tour is from the public money which the party is spending on its own leaders instead of Delhi public. Earlier, the other prominent leaders of the party were touring in Canada on public money.

AAP duped 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims

The shameless AAP leaders have been duping the riot victims as they are enjoying their political honeymoons abroad and the victims are putting their all hopes on them. However, Phoolka has all the excuses to evade from the questions of the riot victims. He will come up with a new reason in front of the victims this time also.