Kejriwal employs ‘hit and run’ tactics to grab attention


The AAP national convener has mastered the art of hitting below the
belt blatantly but after that he runs away and forgets everything. Why
Kejriwal use such cheap tactics?

It is a known fact that Capt Amarinder Singh during his term from
2002-2007 looted the wealth of Punjab and kept it in the accounts of
various Swiss banks. The Chief Minister of Delhi has been using the
issue to just get the political mileage.

There is nothing new in this revelations made by Kejriwal. Everyone
knows that Amarinder Singh has looted the wealth of Punjab during his
regime and put it in the Swiss bank accounts.

Perhaps, the AAP head wanted to gain some political and picked up the
issue which is already unearthed. The AAP head has mastered the art of
grabbing headlines by making controversial statements.

Kejriwal confidently dared Amarinder Singh to file a defamation suit
against him if he is wrong. He knew that nothing is new in the
revelations as already the matter is unearthed that Amarinder and his
family have accounts in Swiss Bank.

It is evident that Kejriwal believes in hit and run policy as this is
not the first case in the political career of AAP supremo. In the
beginning, when he was contesting the Delhi assembly polls, he told
the media that he had ample evidence against Sheila Dixit. Even he had
shown a 300 pages report to media and promised to put Dixit behind
bars after taking the reins of Delhi.

Taking u-turn on his own statement, when Kejriwal took the reins of
Delhi, he lost the 300 pages report against Dixit. Moreover, he didn’t
talk about the issue later.

In another case, Kejriwal had directed the Anti Corruption Bureau to
file a First Information Report against Mukesh Ambani for the alleged
embezzlement of high power tariff. Even a FIR was registered in that
case but still the case is hanging in the middle and no further step
was taken by the AAP government in this regard.

During his one of his visits in Punjab, Kejriwal openly called the
incumbent revenue minister Bikram Singh Majithia a drug lord. The AAP
national convener drew flak for his statement and also facing a
defamation suit filed by Majithia. However, he failed to submit even a
single document hinting the minister’s involvement in any drug case.

It has become the habit of Kejriwal to hit a prominent personality to
hit the headlines in the media and later he remains silent over his
controversial statements. In Capt Amarinder Singh’s case, he has
challenged him but he never anticipated the consequences. Whatever he
has done just for the political mileage to gain the publicity in the



Kejriwal mum on SYL row, also defers Punjab Dalit manifestor

First time in the history of Aam Aadmi Party when the party’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal has been maintaining his silence on SYL issue and moreover, he has deffer ed the release of Punjab dalit manifesto.

Whenever something happens in the country, the AAP supremo immediately reacts on social media. However, the AAP head is now silently sitting and not speaking a single word for SYL.

Actually, he has lost his ground in Punjab over his dual stand for the SYL issue. During the budget session, when the Chief Minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal brought the resolution to oppose SYL, the Delhi Chief Minister had told the media that Punjab had no sufficient water and the water would not be shared.

The Haryana government gave ultimatum to Kejriwal about his statement supporting Punjab and after the ultimatum, the AAP head suddenly changed his statement. He sided with Haryana and said that every state has equal share of water.

Moreover, the AAP led Delhi government exposed when it was unearthed that the government had submitted a affidavit supporting the SYL issue. At that time the CM of Delhi acted smartly and terminated the services of counsel from the Delhi Jal Board.

However, all stunts played by Kejriwal failed and now he has completely lost the ground in Punjab. He had also planned to announce the Dalit manifesto in Punjab but now the Dalit farmers are also against him for playing stunts over SYL row.

Punjab is the first state in the country having maximum Dalit population and majority of the populations consists of farmers. A close source in the AAP party revealed that the party has deferred the release of Dalit manifesto because the dalits turned anti against him.

The AAP has completely exposed in front of the public for making so many u-turns and people are not supporting the party any morel. The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has been finding the way outs to come out clean over SYL issue.

AAP’s affinity towards journos

“The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is trying its best to woo journalists ahead of assembly polls in Punjab. From inducting journos in horde to campaign for the party in state and arranging special excursion for the scribes, AAP is doing all that is possible to make them a part of the cause.”


Born out of Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has always been getting the much needed support and hype form media. It wont be wrong to say that AAP has been built around media hype. Delhi CM and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has mastered the art of staying in news. ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ everything counts as far as news space (either in print or electronic) is grabbed.

Party of scribes

AAP’s love for journalistic community is nothing new and they have been inducting journalists from across Punjab in large number. AAP is relying heavily on journos and their team led by sting operation specialists Ashish Khetan has been entrusted the responsibility to frame manifesto of  the party.

Journos joining Aam Aadmi Party are well taken care of. Besides handsome remuneration, they are getting good perks, which includes luxury car and accommodation.

Journos fuelling party propaganda


 In Delhi, senior journalists like Ashutosh, Ashish Khetan and other, who used to heated debate on electronic channels have turned AAP activists. Now they are aggressively pushing party agenda through media. Huge advertising budget coupled with vast PR machinery further fuel party agenda.

It noteworthy here that Delhi government has allotted a whopping Rs 526 crores for advertising, which is much higher than central government budget. Punjab’s annual ad budget is Rs 27 crores and ironically AAP spent in excess of that during Kejriwal’s five-day visit to state.

AAP government wasting money on Kejriwal’s calls


AAP spending exchequer’s money lavishly on Kejriwal’s promotion

A resident of Shakti Vihar, Delhi, Sumit Sharma received a phone call and he was stunned when he picked up the phone because the Delhi CM was speaking over the phone. It was a pre-recorded recorded message of Kejriwal boasting of his achievements in Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has been using every method of communication to reach out to the people of Delhi. He has been using the newspapers, television channels, radio stations and now the telephone service providers for his self-promotion.

The AAP strategy is to get Kejriwal to connect personally with as many people so that the fake achievements could be revealed to the residents.

The pre-recorded calls main Arvind Kejriwal bol raha hun astonished the person for a moment but the receivers easily understand the pre-recorded voice. Kejriwal goes on to talk about his achievements in Delhi.

Kejriwal’s calls in Punjab too

In Punjab, the party has been doing the same and people have been receiving the pre-recorded phone calls of Kejriwal. The pre-recorded phone call in Kejriwal’s voice boasts of his achievements in Delhi. The strategy is adopted to woo the voters in Punjab by telling them the fake achievements of the government. The party has been eyeing the assembly polls so the trick is being played to win the support of people.

AAP spending public money lavishly on Keriwal’s promotion

 As per the information by an official of Delhi government, the exchequer money is being spent on the phone calls. The major service providers including BSNL have been given a lot of money to spread the pre-recorded messages to their customers.

AAP spending Delhi exchequer’s money in Punjab

The ruling government in Delhi has been spending the Delhi taxpayers’ money in Punjab too. The money is being spent in Punjab for the glorification of the AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal. A resident of Delhi from Shahdara said, “AAP had won the assembly polls on its fake idea of austerity politics. The party has been diverting the hard earned money of Delhi people for their political activities in other state. Kejriwal cleverly won our trust but now he is completely exposed.”