Sukhpal Khaira busy in his makeover for publicity


The Aam Aadmi Party leader and the candidate from Bholath Sukhpal Singh Khaira has kept himself busy in his makeover for the publicity. He has been making efforts for space in the print media.

According to the information, half an hour before the AAP was scheduled to announce its third list of candidates, Khaira sent an email to Journalists. He wrote, “Dear friend, I am attaching a couple of my latest photographs just in case you need them for future use.”

His sole concern was the photos that would go with the story. Knowing how publicity-hungry Khaira is, it came as no surprise.

Khaira, a turncoat, did not miss even a single chance to grab the opportunity to get fame. He had betrayed his old party for great political prospects in AAP. Khaira had not given a position in the Congress unit of Punjab, and that’s why he left his old party.

At that time he had told the media that Congress has strong chances of winning the state assembly elections in 2017 if party high command takes some drastic decisions and make a total revamp of the state unit.

Khaira is an over-ambitious politician who can do anything for his personal gains. Earlier he was in Shiromani Akali Dal and left the party to join Congress. When he was the spokesperson of Congress, he used to back up his party.

However, when he was sidelined by the party for his frequent statements to media without consulting senior leadership, Khaira changed his party and joined AAP party for better political prospects.


Jagmeet Brar, another disgruntled politician supports AAP in Punjab


The Aam Aadmi Party has now another disgruntled politician in its coterie, Jagmeet Brar who has openly offered unconditional support to AAP in Punjab for the upcoming assembly polls in the state.

The former senior leader of Congress and ex-MP, Brar now switched over his loyalties from Congress to AAP to save his career in politics. The AAP party boasted of not inducing the other party leaders into the party fold has now changed its ideology.

All the disgruntled and over ambitious politicians are in the AAP Punjab team. Brar was expelled from Congress for his anti-party activities and now he had on other option left except joining the party of political orphans.

The former MP tried to clarify that it was an alliance and he was not joining AAP. However, the outsider in AAP Punjab Sanjay Singh termed the alliance as an issue-based alliance to befool the people.

Earlier, AAP leaders were denying the news of Brar’s joining hands with AAP but they suddenly started appreciating him and the party in charge Sanjay Singh praised him.

Brar has become the blue eyed boy of Sanjay Singh and praising Brar, Sanjay said that he was one of the tallest leaders in Punjab. All the leaders from other parties who were sidelined saw their political career prospects in the new AAP party in Punjab.

Bhagwant Mann, the incumbent parliamentarian of AAP from Sangrur was earlier with Peoples Party of Punjab. He joined AAP when he was offered lucrative incentives in politics by AAP party.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who switched over his loyalties from Shiromani Akali Dal to Congress and later he joined AAP when he did not see political growth in his old party.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur, who is not in the party anymore, was an Akali leader and he had joined AAP for his own politics interests and later said goodbye to the party when he was removed as Punjab convener of AAP.

Another senior leader Kanwar Sandhu was a strong loyalist of Capt Amarinder Singh but he betrayed his friend as he has got an opportunity in AAP. There are so many leaders in AAP Punjab who just joined AAP for elevating their political careers.

However, the AAP party has lost its direction and vision as it was promised to the people that only the clean image people would be inducted in AAP and there would be no space for the disgruntled political leaders of other parties.

Finally, the party has done nothing different from other political parties. The party has compromised with its ideology.