AAP Punjab youth worker, volunteer leaving the party

Rajinder Singh, once a staunch supporter of AAP Punjab now distanced himself from the party. He is now disheartened from AAP party as he told that the party is not different from other parties.

Singh is not alone as there are so many youngsters who left the party. When the party formed in Punjab, the youth saw a hope that would revive the Punjab. They worked hard for the party and in general elections, the party won four seats.

The victory of four seats from Punjab boosted up the morale of youth workers and volunteers. They started working for the party but the AAP Delhi leaders took the reins of the party.

Rajinder told that the AAP Delhi leaders sidelined the hard working and loyal workers. They started promoting the wealthy people and now the tickets being sold to the affluent people. The AAP workers and volunteers from Bassi Pathana said good bye to the party.

AAP leader Paramjit Pamma has distanced himself from the party after Dr Sanjeev Gautam was declared the party nominee from Anandpur Sahib seat. Pamma, who has remained president of the Congress, Nangal block, and district legal cell chief, joined AAP eight months ago in hope of getting ticket.

The prominent leaders who worked dedicatedly for the party said good bye. Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak are the two leaders who spoiled the environment of AAP Punjab. Virinder Singh Parihar, the fund raising and NRI wing coordinator left the party.

Parihar revealed that the AAP party ignored the hard workers and promoted the corrupt leaders. He told that the party sold the tickets to the affluent candidates. He further added that there is no place of loyal and honest people in AAP.



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