Kejriwal: All well Bhagwant? Bhagwant: Yes sir, all is in the well.


The AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal asked Bhagwant Mann about Punjab and Mann gave a wrong answer as he knows little English. But, the wrong answer has a deep meaning which depicted the plight of AAP in Punjab.

Kejriwal asked questions to Bhagwant Mann about the party affairs in Punjab. The alcoholic Mann has come up with the absurd replies. The AAP supremo has asked him the question in English and the poor Mann gave wrong answers. But the answers were up to the mark and revealed the actual plight of the party.

Kejriwal asked questions regarding AAP in Punjab, Mann gave foolish answers

Kejriwal: What’s up Mann?

Mann: Sir, it’s not working. Sorry.

Kejriwal: All well Bhagwant?

Mann: Yes sir, all is in the well.

Kejriwal: Did you hear something regarding liquor in Punjab?

Mann: Yes sir, I always listen the song of Honey Singh, “Char Bottle Vodka, Kam Mera Rozka”

The absurd replies of Mann depicted the actual plight of AAP in Punjab

The replies of Mann have revealed the actual plight of the party in Punjab. As per the facts, the party tried to woo the dalit voters in Punjab but failed to do so. Moreover, the trick of exaggerating the drug problem failed as the AIIMS survey report ruled out the drug menace in Punjab.

Moreover, the anti-national ideology of AAP in Punjab comes up in the front of the public when AAP Punjab leaders supported the resolutions of Sarbat Khalsa congregation. The posters having the pictures of AAP supremo Kejriwal with AAP Punjab leaders along with the slain militant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale revealed the anti-national propaganda of the party. Even the public did not give any response to the paid dinner meetings of AAP in Punjab.

The party welcomed the tainted leaders of the other parties in the party fold. AAP had announced that there will be no place for the tainted politicians in AAP. However, the party opened its doors to the leaders having criminal backgrounds. The political harlots are the blue eyed boys of AAP supremo. So, all the answers of Mann have put the party in the well. Though Mann did not understand Kejriwal’s questions but his wrong replies have right meanings.