Failed to take on government, AAP makes false allegations

“Eyeing upcoming assembly polls in Punjab scheduled for early next year, AAP is leaving no stone unturned to make some impression. Unable to take on the government constructively, they are now trying to settle political scores by making false statements.”


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo, Arvind Kejriwal is a ‘man in hurry’, who believes in blame-game and maligning public figures for getting instant recognition. He has mastered the art of staying in news and goes to any extent grab eyeball.

False allegations by AAP

AAP is nothing but a party of publicity stunt experts. Starting from Kejrriwal at the top, it trickle downs to the grassroot level party workers. They have been making false allegation and raking up controversy to stay in news. That’s the only saving grace for the party, which is a hype created with the help of unnecessary media attention.

AAP has off late created a controversy on drug paddling in Punjab. Ahead of assembly polls in state, they have invented the controversy of sort and false named Revenue & Finance minister, Bikramjit Singh Majithia but failed to submit any supportive evidence to substantiate their point. One after another AAP leaders are raking up this controversy but all their claims are baseless

Failure of three pillars of AAP

AAP was born out of Anna Hazare led movement against corruption. When Arvind Kejriwal decided to float a political party then it was rested on three pillars of strength namely – ‘Swaraj’, Clean & alternative politics’ and corruption free government. AAP has failed miserably in all three fronts and after assuming power, the party drifted away from its own founding principle. While there is no democracy within the party, one after another scams and corruption cases cramped the function of Delhi government under AAP’s first year’s rule.


After humiliation by Sanjay Singh, AAP continues raking controversy on drug racket

“AAP is nothing but ‘publicity stunt expert’. They indulge in blame-game and try to malign the public image of other for grabbing news headlines. After shielding AAP leader Sanjay Singh from imminent arrest, the party is still continuing with creating controversy on drug racket.”

Kejriwal_Sanjay Singh.jpg

 AAP is all but hype and lacks any substance. Just to stay in news and grab public attention, they rake up one controversy after another. They target public figure and invent a controversy for their personal. Failing to substantiate their point with any evidence, in majority of the cases, they run for cover later.

Hit & run Policy

Aam Aadmi Party believes in “Hit and Run” policy. They hit upon a target to get some instant benefit and run from the spot to hunt for some other target. It must be noted here that earlier AAP leader and Punjab convener, Sanjay Singh raked up a controversy on drug racket and named Punjab Revenue & Finance minister, Bikramjit Singh Majithia in the case. Sanjay Singh screamed loud about Majithia’s involvement but failed to prove his point with any evidence.

When Majithia filed a criminal case of defamation against Sanjay Singh in the Ludhiana court, he faced an imminent arrest. Entire party machinery was put in force to bail Sanjay out of the clutches of legal prosecution. Sanjay got a bail from court but the party has still not learned from its mistakes and it is still continuing with its blame-game politics.

Hollow blames

Aam Aadmi Party cannot stay away from news for too long and they leave no stone unturned to grab eyeball. Now they have gained raked up controversy on drug paddling and named Majithia in the case. It must be noted that the party has produced reports from Enforcement Directorate (ED) on links of Drug racketeers from Canada. In this context the have taken plea on the ground of Majithia’s visits to Canada but have again failed to link him with drug racket.


Kejriwal alleges centre government of trying to poach 23 legislatures

AAP government intentionally follow a course of conflict with other government agencies to divert focus away from their misdeeds. Shrugging of its responsibility they have always been busy passing the blame to others. Shooting yet another salvo, Arving Kejriwal has blamed BJP led Central government of trying to buy 23 of AAP’s legislatures ”


There is no end to Aam Aadmi Party’s blame-game for misgovernance and inability to deliver it promises. The amount of energy and time they spend on attacking and blaming other government agencies, if they spend even one tenth of that in taking some constructive steps then things would turn out to be much better for the citizen of Delhi.

AAP’s fresh salvo

Desperate to make some headlines, Arvind Kejriwal has shot off yet another controversy. Kejriwal has claimed that as per intelligence report, BJP led central government has tried to poach 23 of AAP’s legislatures in Delhi. Now this give rise to two crucial questions – first, how did he arrive at this magical figure of 23, considering AAP has a strength of 67 MLAs and even if 23 MLAs leave him, AAP will be well ahead of majority mark of 35 and secondly, how did he mange to get the intelligence report?

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal also stated further that a big industrialist was entrusted with the responsibility of influencing AAP legislatures but he didn’t divulge any details.

Bundle of lies, false allegations

Aam Aadmi Party has been all but a hype created in the wake of unnecessary attention given by media. Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal made tall promises and majority of the promises were impractical & unrealistic and it was proved later all their pre-poll promises were nothing but poll plank. Unable to live up his word, Kejriwal has been indulging in blame game and telling lies to divert public attention.

After 15 Lakh CCTV, AAP to installs cameras in all schools

“After creating a hype by making a tall promise of installing 15 Lakh CCTV cameras in entire city of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government has come up with another plank by proposing to installing CCTV cameras in all government schools.”


AAP has mastered the art of always staying in news and with an aim to grab eyeballs it has been making false claims and unrealistic promises. Aam Aadmi Party manages to grab news space but majority of its promises prove to be political stunt as there is no logical premise behind such claims.

AAP’s yet another political stunt


Education system is India is in very poor state and majority of the government institute in the country are in dire need of basic infrastructure and essential necessities & facilities related to sports, recreational, library etc. in this context, instead of focusing on improving the basic infrastructure of government schools, Kejriwal government has shot another political stunt.

Unrealistic promise

It is yet another unrealistic promise AAP government. It must be noted here that Delhi has 700 schools and if the governments wants to install CCTV cameras in each and every classroom then they would require 70,000 cameras.

If you look at arithmetic behind such massive project, then you would realise that this would perhaps leave Delhi government bankrupt. It is pertinent to note here that Mumbai government has planned to install 6,000 CCTV cameras at an estimated cost of Rs. 950 crores. If we take this as standard for calculating the price and then installation of 70,000 cameras would cost around Rs. 15,000 crores.

Delhi government has still not learnt from it previous mistakes. Public backlash is growing against AAP government for its unfulfilled promises and now they have made another unrealistic promise of installing CCTV cameras in government schools.


AAP in Punjab is more of hype

“The AAP is a disorganized and disoriented group of people without any leader, programme or agenda. Indulging in blame-game, they only know how to hit below the belt and find faults with others without offering any solutions.”


 The AAP does not have any policy, political structure or leader in Punjab and they cannot go on to win elections by merely abusing everybody. They all know how hit below the belt left, right and center and in such context, they are able to grab headlines but they can establish connect with masses. A political party needs to understand the issues affecting society and come up with sustainable solutions, unnecessary abuses will not take them anywhere.

AAP bubble will burst sooner than later

AAP is merely a hype created with the help of unnecessary media attention given to the party. AAP has mastered the arty of staying in news and they go all out to grab eyeballs. Good or bad any news counts for them as long as they get a apace in print or electronic media.

False Propaganda

Kejriwal & controversies go hand in hand and his party is always in news for all the wrong reasons. When the popularity chart starts dipping down or when they are not able to stay in news for a long time, they fabricate an event to get some limelight.

From infamous ‘ink attack’ to stone pelting during his latest visit to Punjab, there have been many instances of fabricated attacks to hog limelight.

AAP is a bubble, which will burst sooner than later in Punjab. Lacking a clearly defined vision, political organization and strong leadership, its supporter base is dwindling fast and unable to deliver any of the promises, it is constantly facing public ire.

Reversing the trend of free ‘langar’ AAP raises Rs one crore in Punjab

‘Langar’, the tradition of community kitchen has been an integral part of Sikh religion. But reversing the culture of food sharing in Punjab, AAP has been selling a meal for whopping Rs. 10,000.


 Desperate to make an impression in Punjab polls, Aam Aadmi Party has been looting people by first inviting them to lunch and dinner and then asking them to pay for it. This is in stark contrast to Punjab’s culture of community kitchen.

“Khaas’ meal by Aam Aadmi Party


 AAP claims to be the party of common people and represent the voice of ordinary man but still it is charging up to Rs 10,000 for a meal with dinner with its leaders. From ‘Selfie with Mufflerman’ to ‘Coffee with Kejriwal’, there is no end to AAP’s cheap antics to rake some moolah. The party can stoop to any extent to earn some money.

Shockingly people had to pay whopping Rs. 20,000 to have a cup of coffee with AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal.

No shortage of funds for self-publicity

Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is crying of shortage of funds and sighting the reason for organising fundraising dinner in Punjab. Now serious questions are raised on their intention – they have massive fund of Rs 526 crores for self-glorification through advertising.

If AAP was short of funds, and was forced to resort to such tactics, then it should stop indulging in expensive advertisements in print and electronic media.

It is natural instinct to get limelight and everyone likes to be on the centre stage on a public gathering. Kejriwal has been very shrewdly exploiting this natural instinct of people for his own personal gains.

Kejriwal to be projected as CM candidate in Punjab

“AAP Convener and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has been busy in dreaming that his party would form government in Punjab but he didn’t have a Punjabi face to declare as his party’s CM candidate and now murmurs are getting loud in the party that he would be next CM of Punjab.”


 Over ambitious Arvind Kejriwal claimed that AAP would get at least 100 seats in the general elections held in 2014. But, in stark contrast to their claims, AAP’s performance was very dismal and even failed to open account in Delhi, their home ground.

AAP contested on 432 seats out of 545, highest by any political party. Of all the candidates, only 18 could hold on to their security and a massive 414 AAP candidates had to forfeit their security deposit. When the entire country rejected AAP, Punjab was the only saving grace for being the only state from where the party won Loksabha seats. Ever since then AAP has been nurturing the dream of ruling the state.

AAP’s opinion poll project Kejriwal as Punjab CM

AAP has been screaming loud of victory in assembly elections and to validate their point, the party has come out with a false opinion poll by an unrecognized news portal ‘’. Elections are scheduled for early next year in Punjab and interestingly even the dates have not been announced. But, still AAP released the doctored opinion poll, which gives the party a clear majority.

It must be noted that the opinion poll has stated that Arvind Kejriwal is the most favourable chief minister of Punjab with bagging more than 50% of votes. Due to absence of organisation structure and leadership in state, Kejriwal is finding a real challenge to prove his mantle in state. In this context, he has left with no choice but to take command of leadership in Punjab.

Kejriwal plays Panthic card in Punjab

After concentrating on the farm crisis and also highlighting the drug-abuse problem during his recent visit in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has now playing Panthic card by shouting “Raj Karega Khalsa”.


While it is purely a religious Sikh slogan, which in its literal sense only means ‘The pure will rule’, it was widely being misused by Sikh radicals during the time of militancy. The radicals gave a new dimension to it and have also been misused by Khalistanis to denote their Sikh separatism call.

Protest against Kejriwal

During his recent visit to Punjab as he travelled out of Malwa into the Majha belt, an area known to have strong religious feelings and an active set of radical Sikh groups, Arvind Kejriwal apparently also increased the frequency of his ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’ calls. In midst of all the drama, there were at least two significant protests against Kejriwal; allegedly for hurting Hindu-Sikh unity in the state.

Endorsing Bhindrawale


 This is not the first time AAP has battled allegations of playing the radical card and in the past too, AAP has been accused of siding with Sikh extremist. That included references to a poster with photos of Kejriwal and slain Sikh radical preacher Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, which Aam Aadmi Party disowned vehemently.

It must be noted here that AAP leaders like Sucha Singh Chhotepur, Sanjay Singh and Bhagwant Mann openly ask people to celebrate Bhindrawale’s birth anniversary by paying obeisance at the nearest gurdwaras.

AAP leaders also tried to fuel extremist sentiments in the state by circulating leaflets and pasting posters with photograph of slain militant Bhindrawale. When their dubious act boomeranged, they disown the poster and very conveniently passed on the blame on to opposition.

AAP targeting Christian community in Punjab


Party leaders playing religious politics

The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal has directed the party leaders of Punjab to play his favourite trick of using religious to woo the voters.

All the Punjab unit leaders of AAP have been directed to follow the footsteps of the top boss. The sincere leaders quickly acted after the advice of their supremo and visited the doaba region to please the Christian voters of Punjab.

AAP leaders pleasing

The AAP leaders met leaders of Punjab Christian United Front (PCUF) in Jalandhar as part of its ongoing ‘Punjab Dialogue’ programme to gather public response before it frames party’s manifesto for the 2017 Punjab polls.

AAP leader Durgesh Pathak and party’s former Delhi MLA Somnath Bharti discussed the problems faced by Christian leaders in the Doaba region and their long-pending demands, including lack of graveyards, and assured them to keep the same in mind. Somnath Bharti is the prominent face of the party because of his domestic violent case. Delhi police had arrested Bharti against a complaint made by his wife.

AAP targets vote banks only

In his recent visits to the state, AAP national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had tried to reach out to the Dalits by demanding Bharat Ratna, country’s highest civilian honour for BSP founder Kanshi Ram. He had also met the family of Dalit man Bhim Tank and offered his wife a job in Delhi government. He had also offered help the family members of the dalit scholar Rohit Vemula.

How foolishly the Kejriwal projected himself a massiah of the different communities by offering the lucrative incentives. He failed to give jobs in his own state, Delhi but he offered job to the resident of neighbouring states. This time the AAP has been targeting the Christian community in Punjab for votes only as the party has played the dalit politics on the birth anniversary of BSP founder Kanshi Ram.



Kejriwal trying to deceive voters of Punjab

“Kejriwal is known for making false claims and tall promises. In the run-up to Delhi assembly, Kejriwal promised moon to Delhi voters and deliver nothing and now he seem to be adopting the same strategy in Punjab.”


 Ahead of Delhi polls, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo, Arvind Kejriwal was perceived as a change agent, who was committed to bring about positive & constructive change. AAP came with a promise of offering clean & alternative politics but it proved to be only a lip service. Majority of pre-poll promises made by Kejriwal ahead of polls in Delhi proved to be poll plank. Now, ahead of Punjab polls, he has been selling dreams to Punjab voters.

Shining Punjab’; a political farce

Camping heavily in Punjab, AAP convener and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has been selling the hopes of ‘Shining Punjab’ to voters in Punjab ahead of assembly polls. He may be able to create hype and false hope but a deep scrutiny of Kejriwal’s claims will reveal that it is nothing but poll plank.

Unfulfilled promises in Delhi; selling dreams in Punjab

Kejriwal, a ‘man in hurry’ had kicked off his political career on a slew of freebie promises – free water, subsided electricity, free Wi-Fi etc. These populist promises went well with electorate’s mindset as reflected in the results of assembly polls. But if you look deep into these reveal a stark contrast.

Leaving Delhi-ites, Kejriwal nurturing national agenda

Leaving Delhi-ites on lurch, Kejriwal is nurturing his national agenda and trying hard to get the status of National party. For that, he needs to have sizeable presence in at least four states and he is constantly working towarsd achieving that goal.

It must be noted that besides Punjab, AAP is contesting election in Goa and they seriously contemplating Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

 Kejriwal only built castles in air by making tall and unrealistic promises in Delhi. Adopting the same strategy, he is busy making even taller claims in Punjab. But with no rational behind his claims, all his claims will fall flat way ahead of polls in Punjab.