How radicals trying to enter Punjab through soft parties?

The radicals have been targeting Punjab again and trying to enter into the state by baiting the political leaders of Congress and AAP. As per the information, the new Pak Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa is the first cousin of the Congress MP Partap Bajwa.

According to the sources, the new Pakistan’s Army Chief is constantly in touch with Bajwa. They both had a word with each other on last Saturday when Bajwa assumed the charge of Pak Army Chief. Another day the Nabha jail break incident happened.

Hence it is proved that the Partap Bajwa shared the secret information of the state security with his cousin. The intelligence agencies have been investigating the link between Partap Bajwa and Nabha jail break.

The radicals are behind the Nabha jail break incident and Partap Bajwa shared the information of jail to his cousin. Another leader who is a soft target for radicals is Capt Amarinder Singh who is a close friend of Pak journalist Aroosa Alam.

The ISI has planted Aroosa so that the agency could get maximum details of Punjab from Amarinder through Aroosa. Amarinder was an easy target for them because he enjoys the company of beautiful women.

The new party Aam Aadmi Party has become the easy prey for radicals. The party has been receiving the foreign funding from the radicals who are trying to enter in Punjab politics. The radicals have been funding the foreign tours of AAP leaders so that the AAP could work on their directions.

Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann had several clandestine meetings with the radicals in abroad. Even the various NRI units have exposed the fact that AAP leaders are in touch with radicals. Moreover, they are getting huge funding from the radical groups.

According to the intelligence agencies, the radical groups have been targeting such leaders to spoil the environment of Punjab.



A political greenhorn in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi mixing politics with comedy


The new AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has been mixing politics with comedy as he is saying that Punjab is crying and he is trying to make the people laugh.

Born to a family of ex-servicemen in Khokhar Faujian village of Batala in Majha region, Ghuggi started his acting from skits. Ghuggi studied at Doaba College in Jalandhar and eventually went to the Doordarshan regional centre as a TV artiste.

The novice in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi has been making absurd statements that Punjab is crying, and he is making the people laugh. What a stupid statement he gave? He has mixed politics with comedy.

A politician has a responsibility to serve the people so that they could be happy. It is only the work which makes a politician great and comedy may keep the people laugh for some time.

It shows that the AAP leaders have immature political thinking and they think that only comedy may keep people laugh. Ghuggi who is a liar and u-turn taker had told the media in the last week of January 2016 that he would not join politics and he claimed himself an artist only. However, in the first week in February 2016 when Ghuggi saw prospects in politics, he joined AAP Party.

A liar can’t serve the people as politics is a platform which requires maturity. But, the immature AAP Punjab convener is ignorant about the fact. The entire AAP party team has been playing with the sentiments of the people.

In Delhi, the party promised the moon but delivered nothing. All the promises made by the party just remained in the papers only, and nothing has fulfilled.






AAP Delhi to waste public money in Punjab, Going to open a call centre for Punjab elections

AAP is Anti-Poor

The AAP Party has been going to waste the Delhi taxpayers’ money in Punjab by opening a call centre to aiming Punjab assembly polls.

As per the information, thousands of volunteers of the party will engage themselves into a routine of making calls on behalf of the party to the voters in Punjab for a few hours every day.

The party had decided to make 60 lakh calls right from the beginning of the election campaign. The Delhi people who trusted AAP party and the party duped them by wasting their money on self-glorification activities.

If hundreds of volunteers would make calls to the voters of Punjab from Delhi, it means the cost of the calling would shoot up with STD rate. It means the party would spend crores on the phone calls on the public money.

The party has been lavishly spending the public money of Delhi in other states, and at least the AAP-led Delhi government has spent around Rs 700 crore from taxpayers’ money on advertisement and publicity.

Moreover, the AAP has come up with cheap tricks to collect funds by holding paid lunch and dinner meetings in Punjab. According to the information, the party collected lakhs of money from a single paid meeting in Punjab.

The AAP national convener has duped the people of Delhi and now he has been duping the people of Punjab by opening a full-fledged call centre. The Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal has now turned into Khas Aadmi as he has been using the hard earned money of Delhi people for his personal needs.

When the AAP party had formed the promises made by Arvind Kejriwal had successfully bagged the support of the people as the people anticipated that the party for a common man would bring change in the system.

However, the change witnessed in AAP party as the party which was formed for a common man has turned into a Khas party of Khas leaders.


Sanjay Singh invited trouble for himself, insults the court

The AAP leaders are deliberately levelling allegations against political rivals and then they face the cases of defamation. Who has been bearing the fee of the lawyers fighting their cases; it’s obvious that Delhi exchequer will pay the expenses of the lawyers.

The Ludhiana court has framed charges against the AAP Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh in the defamation case filed by the Punjab revenue minister Bikramjit Singh Majithia.

The charges have been framed under section 500, 502 and 120-B of Indian Penal Code. The charges are of defamation, distributing material to defame a person and criminal conspiracy against a person.

Punjab revenue minister Bikramjit Singh Majithia had filed a criminal defamation case against Sanjay Singh in January this year after the latter called him a “drug trader”.

The next day of the hearing is on October 3 in which evidence against Sanjay Singh will be presented in court. Sanjay Singh had told earlier that he would ready to go jail but when the case submitted in Ludhiana court, he applied for bail and like his boss he took U-turn on the event.

When court framed charges against Sanjay Singh he repeatedly said that he would not change his statement against the minister. It means the AAP leader has no respect for the court as the matter is in court and he is levelling allegations against Majithia. He has invited trouble for  himself as he repeatedly fired salvos at the minister when the case is still in the court. Sanjay Singh has insulted the judiciary as he made the self-styled statement against the court.

The AAP leaders are facing trials in the court for levelling allegations against the rival politicians without any evidence. In all the court cases, the AAP leaders told the public that they would go to jail but later they applied for bail.

All the time the AAP leaders are busy in playing blame game politics to hit the headlines. Ultimately, the Delhi people are suffering who trusted AAP party and cast their votes to the party. The expenses of lawyer’s fee are being given by the Delhi exchequer.

Aam Aadmi Kejriwal gets Khas ghar in Punjab


The so-called Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal has turned into a special person as he is staying in a luxurious sprawling bungalow at Jhande village during his four days tour in Punjab.

KNS Kang, who heads the PCTE group of institutes, has a luxurious bungalow and he has given the spacious accommodation to Kejriwal.  The bungalow has a swimming pool and acres of greens.

An SUV has given to Kejriwal for his four-day tour by Kang. The AAP party workers and leaders are saying that the place is identified for the stay of party head because of security reasons.

However, the sources explained that the luxurious sprawling bungalow was finalised by the Delhi AAP leaders so that Kejriwal could stay in a good accommodation and moreover, the party would pay the rent of the bungalow. On the other hand, the AAP workers saying that Kang has host Kejriwal but as per the information, the party is paying a huge amount as a rent for the bungalow.

He is the same Kejriwal who used to talk about a common man has now become a special person and started acting like a king.  Who will pay the rent for the accommodation? Off course the taxpayers of Delhi who trusted Kejriwal and chosen him as CM of Delhi. However, Kejriwal has been lavishly spending the public money on his lavish lifestyle and his personal needs.

After touring Punjab, Kejriwal would go for his throat surgery in Bengaluru and he will spend ten days in the private hospital. In January this year, Kejriwal had gone to Bengaluru for the treatment of his chronic cough.

An RTI information had revealed that Kejriwal spent Rs 80 lakh in Bengaluru for his treatment in a private hospital. If we talk about Punjab, Kejriwal could have stayed in a government guest house as being a chief minister of a state, he is entitled to stay in a government accommodation. Hence, it is proved that Kejriwal is a hypocrite who duped the public of Delhi.