AAP Punjab convener playing cheap stunts to hit headlines

The AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Ghuggi visited Hariket to target the ruling Punjab government on water bus issue. He targeted Punjab government for spending money on water bus. He told that the ruling government should apologise to the people.

He has forgotten that AAP candidate from Majitha Himmat Singh Shergill visited Amritsar and he praised about the beautification work done in Amritsar. Shergill had appreciated the beautification of Golden temple and heritage city Amritsar.

However, Ghuggi forgot that Punjab government delivered its promise of water bus. He did not talk about the developmental work done by the ruling Punjab government. It means he deliberately tried to be in the limelight by visiting Harike.

Ghuggi could have visited Virast-e-Khalsa and other sites where the development is visible. He termed the Deputy CM a liar. However, he forgot that his boss Arvind Kejriwal is the liar of the century. Kejriwal promised to provide free wifi in Delhi.

People of Delhi are waiting for the free wifi since February 2015 but the Delhi government failed to provide the facility. Kejriwal promised to install 15 lakhs CCTV cameras but still nothing has been done so far in this regard.

Kejriwal promised to appoint women commandoes in Delhi buses and the promise to make women police force of 10000 women still a distant dream for Delhi. All the promised made by AAP fails to take the practical shape in Delhi.

Ghuggi should ask his boss Arvind Kejriwal to apologise to the people of Delhi. Punjab government has been working hard to serve the people. The people centric schemes are speaking about the actions of the ruling government.

AAP party has been deliberately trying to woo the Punjabis by misguiding them. Ghuggi should stop playing cheap politics to please the people. Instead of making unrealistic promises, the AAP Punjab should come out with some new concept. However, the party has derailed from its ideology.



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