A political greenhorn in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi mixing politics with comedy


The new AAP Punjab convener Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has been mixing politics with comedy as he is saying that Punjab is crying and he is trying to make the people laugh.

Born to a family of ex-servicemen in Khokhar Faujian village of Batala in Majha region, Ghuggi started his acting from skits. Ghuggi studied at Doaba College in Jalandhar and eventually went to the Doordarshan regional centre as a TV artiste.

The novice in AAP Punjab, Ghuggi has been making absurd statements that Punjab is crying, and he is making the people laugh. What a stupid statement he gave? He has mixed politics with comedy.

A politician has a responsibility to serve the people so that they could be happy. It is only the work which makes a politician great and comedy may keep the people laugh for some time.

It shows that the AAP leaders have immature political thinking and they think that only comedy may keep people laugh. Ghuggi who is a liar and u-turn taker had told the media in the last week of January 2016 that he would not join politics and he claimed himself an artist only. However, in the first week in February 2016 when Ghuggi saw prospects in politics, he joined AAP Party.

A liar can’t serve the people as politics is a platform which requires maturity. But, the immature AAP Punjab convener is ignorant about the fact. The entire AAP party team has been playing with the sentiments of the people.

In Delhi, the party promised the moon but delivered nothing. All the promises made by the party just remained in the papers only, and nothing has fulfilled.