Kejriwal crying, AAP has no money, AAP Punjab leader exposed Kejriwal


The AAP head Arvind Kejriwal told the media that AAP has no money to contest elections but a party leader exposed him. Kejriwal told the media in Amritsar that party has no money in its bank account to contest Punjab assembly polls.

He was urging the people to donate and vote for AAP. In a rally, he said the workers that each one should ensure that at least 100 people vote and donate to AAP. However, an AAP leader from Hoshiarpur Virinder Singh Parihar revealed the actual plight of AAP.

In a letter written to AAP head, Parihar alleged that the party has been selling the tickets in Punjab. He has also named the AAP leader who sold out the tickets. Parihar mentioned that the party collected crores of funding from each constituency in Punjab.

The AAP leader who is also the co-ordinator of NRI wing accused the AAP leader accepting bribes from people. Moreover, he said that the party has received funding from abroad. A source in the party said the party has been receiving the funding from radicals also.

However, the AAP national convener is crying in front of the people for money. The people of Punjab are aware with the cheap tricks of Kejriwal. During his ten days visit to Punjab, people were reluctant to attend his rallies. Only the rallies witnessed the party leaders, workers and volunteers.

Kejriwal failed to attract the crowd as now people have seen that AAP is doing nothing in Delhi. So, how come the party will serve the Punjab state which is bigger than the national capital?





Kejriwal becomes zero in Punjab


Arvind Kejriwal failed to fetch crowd in various rallies organized in Punjab during his ten day visit. People didn’t show their interest as they are aware with the fake promises of the Delhi Chief Minister.

The ten days tour of AAP supremo turned into a flop show as people were reluctant to hear Kejriwal. The party had organized a Dharna to woo the voters against SYL but within hours, the party took u-turn and finished the Dharna.

Arvind Kejriwal’s u-turn on SYL drew flak and the party tried to improve its image. However, people came to know about the cheap stunts of AAP head. If we take a look at the ten days visit of Kejriwal in Punjab, the entire program turned into a big flop show.

The party organized rallies in various parts of the state but people showed their reluctance to hear Kejriwal. As per the information, the chairs during the rallies were empty and there were few people who attended the programs.

Talking to a Swaran Singh, a resident of Sangrur said, “We hardly bother about the tour of Kejriwal who is a biggest liar who has mastered the art of duping people. AAP is not different from other parties.”

Ram Singh, a Dalit said, “He has done nothing for Dalits in Delhi and now he is trying to be fool us by promising the Dalit leader as Deputy CM. We are not fools and we understand what he wants to do.”

In Sujanpur rally, the AAP leaders were red faced when they saw few people attending the rally. The party failed to pull crowd in the event. The AAP leaders were making tall claims that Sujanpur rally would witness thousands of people but it turned into a flop show.

It seems the statement made by Kejriwal that AAP would hit a century in the upcoming polls would not win even ten seats.

Arvind Kejriwal getting support of radicals in Punjab

AAP Falling Apart (Featured Pic)

The Aam Aadmi Party Supremo Arvind Kejriwal has been working on the directions of radicals in Punjab. As per the information, Kejriwal has been enjoying the support of anti-national forces and utilizing the foreign funding in Punjab.

An independent agency of the country had revealed that AAP got the maximum funding from abroad. In Punjab, the radicals sitting abroad are funding the AAP party to spoil the peaceful environment of Punjab.

Arvind Keriwal and his blue eyed boys have been enjoying the political honeymoons abroad funded by the radical groups. When Kejriwal visited abroad, he met the radicals and agreed to work on their directions.

Even the security agencies have evidence that Kejriwal spent time with the radicals and discussed the Punjab politics with them. The radical groups are trying to spoil the atmosphere in Punjab and that’s funding the AAP.

The prominent lawyer Harvinder Singh Phoolka travelled to Canada, Europe and Australia and radicals paid the expenses. Bhagwant Mann, the Sangrur MP had travelled to North America where he met the radicals to get the funding.

The AAP units in North America and Canada opposed the meetings of Mann with the radicals. Even the AAP members in North America and Canada also submitted their resignations from the party after the meetings of Mann with radicals.

The NRI’s were stating that when the AAP is getting huge funding from Punjabi Diaspora then why Mann met the radicals for funding. They alleged that the party had told them that it would not take the support of radicals but the NRI’s accused the party for its illegal activities abroad.

As a result, the AAP unit heads of North America, Canada, Australia and Europe resented and few of them quit the party also. The Intelligence agencies have been secretly probing the AAP links with the radicals and soon it would hit the headlines.

Kejriwal employs ‘hit and run’ tactics to grab attention


The AAP national convener has mastered the art of hitting below the
belt blatantly but after that he runs away and forgets everything. Why
Kejriwal use such cheap tactics?

It is a known fact that Capt Amarinder Singh during his term from
2002-2007 looted the wealth of Punjab and kept it in the accounts of
various Swiss banks. The Chief Minister of Delhi has been using the
issue to just get the political mileage.

There is nothing new in this revelations made by Kejriwal. Everyone
knows that Amarinder Singh has looted the wealth of Punjab during his
regime and put it in the Swiss bank accounts.

Perhaps, the AAP head wanted to gain some political and picked up the
issue which is already unearthed. The AAP head has mastered the art of
grabbing headlines by making controversial statements.

Kejriwal confidently dared Amarinder Singh to file a defamation suit
against him if he is wrong. He knew that nothing is new in the
revelations as already the matter is unearthed that Amarinder and his
family have accounts in Swiss Bank.

It is evident that Kejriwal believes in hit and run policy as this is
not the first case in the political career of AAP supremo. In the
beginning, when he was contesting the Delhi assembly polls, he told
the media that he had ample evidence against Sheila Dixit. Even he had
shown a 300 pages report to media and promised to put Dixit behind
bars after taking the reins of Delhi.

Taking u-turn on his own statement, when Kejriwal took the reins of
Delhi, he lost the 300 pages report against Dixit. Moreover, he didn’t
talk about the issue later.

In another case, Kejriwal had directed the Anti Corruption Bureau to
file a First Information Report against Mukesh Ambani for the alleged
embezzlement of high power tariff. Even a FIR was registered in that
case but still the case is hanging in the middle and no further step
was taken by the AAP government in this regard.

During his one of his visits in Punjab, Kejriwal openly called the
incumbent revenue minister Bikram Singh Majithia a drug lord. The AAP
national convener drew flak for his statement and also facing a
defamation suit filed by Majithia. However, he failed to submit even a
single document hinting the minister’s involvement in any drug case.

It has become the habit of Kejriwal to hit a prominent personality to
hit the headlines in the media and later he remains silent over his
controversial statements. In Capt Amarinder Singh’s case, he has
challenged him but he never anticipated the consequences. Whatever he
has done just for the political mileage to gain the publicity in the


Kejriwal mum on SYL row, also defers Punjab Dalit manifestor

First time in the history of Aam Aadmi Party when the party’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal has been maintaining his silence on SYL issue and moreover, he has deffer ed the release of Punjab dalit manifesto.

Whenever something happens in the country, the AAP supremo immediately reacts on social media. However, the AAP head is now silently sitting and not speaking a single word for SYL.

Actually, he has lost his ground in Punjab over his dual stand for the SYL issue. During the budget session, when the Chief Minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal brought the resolution to oppose SYL, the Delhi Chief Minister had told the media that Punjab had no sufficient water and the water would not be shared.

The Haryana government gave ultimatum to Kejriwal about his statement supporting Punjab and after the ultimatum, the AAP head suddenly changed his statement. He sided with Haryana and said that every state has equal share of water.

Moreover, the AAP led Delhi government exposed when it was unearthed that the government had submitted a affidavit supporting the SYL issue. At that time the CM of Delhi acted smartly and terminated the services of counsel from the Delhi Jal Board.

However, all stunts played by Kejriwal failed and now he has completely lost the ground in Punjab. He had also planned to announce the Dalit manifesto in Punjab but now the Dalit farmers are also against him for playing stunts over SYL row.

Punjab is the first state in the country having maximum Dalit population and majority of the populations consists of farmers. A close source in the AAP party revealed that the party has deferred the release of Dalit manifesto because the dalits turned anti against him.

The AAP has completely exposed in front of the public for making so many u-turns and people are not supporting the party any morel. The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has been finding the way outs to come out clean over SYL issue.

Why H S Phoolka failed to bring justice for riot affected families?


The senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of India H S Phoolka failed to bring justice for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots as he is fighting the cases since 1984. He has forgotten that justice delayed is justice denied.

Why Phoolka took so many years and the cases have been lingering on in the courts despite having the sufficient evidence, proof and eyewitnesses against Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.

Phoolka took up the cases of riot affected families to gain fame in his career. He joined hands with the Congress leaders Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar so that’s why he is delaying the cases deliberately.

He had joined Aam Aadmi Party and the party had promised to put the culprits of the Sikh carnage behind the bars. However, nothing has been done so far in this regard.

Even it is evident that the AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal is hand in glove with Jagdish Tytler. A picture of Kejriwal holding hand of Tytler revealed the relationship of the duo.

At that time, Phoolka was a silent spectator the event and didn’t speak against his boss. Phoolka has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by duping them. The carnage happened in 1984 and after 32 years, the culprits are roaming free in the country.

Let’s have a look at Justice (Retd) R S Sodhi who filed a PIL in the 1991 Pilibhit fake counter and the court sentenced the life term to the 47 policemen. The incident took place on July 12, 1991, when the Uttar Pradesh police stopped a luxury bus in which a group of Sikh pilgrims were travelling.


The bus was stopped near Kachla Bridge in Badaun district where the police reportedly offloaded 10 pilgrims. They were made to board a mini bus. Later, the pilgrims were divided into three groups — two of four each and one of the remaining two. Separate police teams then took them to the jurisdiction of different police stations where they were killed in cold blood.


The lure of awards for killing so-called dreaded terrorists was reportedly the motive behind the killings. Some of the Sikh youth had terror-related cases pending against them which the police had come to know.


Supreme Court advocate and former Justice RS Sodhi had filed a PIL in the apex court seeking a CBI probe, which was ordered. If Sodhi’s single PIL could have affected the case then why Phoolka didn’t put hard efforts to bring the justice for the Sikh riot affected families.


Phoolka should apologise to Sikhs


The senior lawyer of Supreme Court of India and AAP leader H S Phoolka should explain why the AAP government in Delhi failed to bring justice to the 1984 anti-riots affected families.

During the campaign of Delhi assembly elections, the AAP party had promised the riots affected families to form a SIT and the culprits would put behind the bars. The point was mentioned in one of the main agendas of the party’s manifesto. However, nothing has done so far in this regard.

The different Sikh organisations had demanded a fair probe in the missing files case. The “AAP government” facing criticism and a picture of Kejriwal with Tytler in which both were smiling and holding hands together revealed the relationship of the duo.

According to the information, the organisation had also demanded the inquiry against Phoolka and the case of the Sikh carnage is lingered on since 1984. The picture of Kejriwal with Tytler should be matter of concern as Kejriwal was boldly said that he would put Tytler behind bars if forms the government in Delhi.

Phoolka had joined the “Aam Aadmi Party” in 2014 when he saw the muffler man highlighting the issue as he knew that a political platform will enhance his publicity across the country. Moreover, he was very much aware of the fact that he could be the most valuable vote bank of “AAP” because of the case.

The careless AAP government claimed that a SIT was formed but the officials lost the SIT report files. The matter unearthed when the AAP government sent a letter to the concerned ministry about the SIT files.

However, the AAP leader Phoolka did not make any statement on the mission files issue. He has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by delaying the justice. He has forgotten that Justice delayed means justice denied.

Kejriwal needs Dalit votes, he has no interest in their uplift, says Kanshi Ram’s sister


The national convener of Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal drew flak from the Kanshi Ram’s sister Swaran Kaur as she said that the AAP had given tickets to wealthy and influential candidates. Moreover, she said that Kejriwal has no love for Punjabis and his only aim was to get the power by exploiting the Dalit vote bank.

As per the information, the Kanshi Ram Charitable Foundation has decided to distance itself from the AAP. Swaran Kaur, sister of the BSP founder Kanshi Ram who is also the chairman of the foundation said that AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal had lost the faith of the common man in the state.

She further told that Kejriwal had no love for Punjabis and his only aim was to get power by exploiting Dalit vote bank. Kejriwal had visited the birthplace of Kanshi Ram six months ago on March 5 on the invitation of Swaran Kaur. After paying tributes to Kanshi Ram, he along with his senior party leaders had a closed door meeting with her.

Kejriwal had demanded Bharat Ratna for Kanshi Ram and since then speculations were rife that Swaran Kaur or her relatives would be fielded by the AAP during the Assembly elections.

Kaur along with the secretary of the foundation Lakhbir Singh said they had made it clear to Kejriwal that they would not seek any ticket from the AAP. She said that the AAP party had preferred to allocate tickets to influential and wealthy people.

She said Lal Singh, a poor man and former vice-president of the BSP, had worked hard for AAP in Punjab and became its vice-president. AAP party, however, ignoring his services allocated the ticket to former MP Mohan Singh Phalianwala from Ferozepur rural.

Swaran Kaur said that though Kejriwal needed the votes of Dalits, he had no interest in their uplift.

AAP has no CM face for Punjab polls


The Aam Aadmi Party has no single face in Punjab for the Chief Ministerial candidate for the upcoming Punjab assembly polls.

The AAP Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh has been making tall claims that the party will declare its chief ministerial candidate for Punjab at an appropriate time.

Sanjay said that if the party is voted to power in Punjab, it will provide“good governance” in the state. The AAP Punjab in-charge has been befooling Punjabis as the entire country knows about the truth of AAP-led Delhi government.

The AAP party leaders are trying to woo the voters of Punjab by depicting the wrong facts about the welfare activities done in Delhi by AAP government. They are telling the Punjabis that the party has improved the healthcare facilities in Delhi.

However, the ‘Dengue’ and ‘Chikungunya’ broke out in Delhi, and the entire AAP cabinet along with the Delhi Chief Minister was busy in other states. The party has been stating that it would win the assembly polls and the CM candidate would be declared at the appropriate time.

There is no candidate in the party that could be presented as CM candidate for assembly polls.

Bhagwant Mann and Gurpreet Ghuggi can’t be presented as CM candidates. The Supreme Court lawyer and senior leader HS Phoolka is not the leader of masses. The former Journalist turned politician Kanwar Sandhu, and Sukhpal Singh Khaira has no capability of the chief ministerial candidate.

The AAP national convener had taken charge of AAP Punjab, but in the history of Punjab politics, there was no Hindu face as CM candidate. The former Chief Ministers were from Jat Sikh clan and the incumbent Punjab CM also hails from Jat Sikh clan.


AAP Delhi to waste public money in Punjab, Going to open a call centre for Punjab elections

AAP is Anti-Poor

The AAP Party has been going to waste the Delhi taxpayers’ money in Punjab by opening a call centre to aiming Punjab assembly polls.

As per the information, thousands of volunteers of the party will engage themselves into a routine of making calls on behalf of the party to the voters in Punjab for a few hours every day.

The party had decided to make 60 lakh calls right from the beginning of the election campaign. The Delhi people who trusted AAP party and the party duped them by wasting their money on self-glorification activities.

If hundreds of volunteers would make calls to the voters of Punjab from Delhi, it means the cost of the calling would shoot up with STD rate. It means the party would spend crores on the phone calls on the public money.

The party has been lavishly spending the public money of Delhi in other states, and at least the AAP-led Delhi government has spent around Rs 700 crore from taxpayers’ money on advertisement and publicity.

Moreover, the AAP has come up with cheap tricks to collect funds by holding paid lunch and dinner meetings in Punjab. According to the information, the party collected lakhs of money from a single paid meeting in Punjab.

The AAP national convener has duped the people of Delhi and now he has been duping the people of Punjab by opening a full-fledged call centre. The Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal has now turned into Khas Aadmi as he has been using the hard earned money of Delhi people for his personal needs.

When the AAP party had formed the promises made by Arvind Kejriwal had successfully bagged the support of the people as the people anticipated that the party for a common man would bring change in the system.

However, the change witnessed in AAP party as the party which was formed for a common man has turned into a Khas party of Khas leaders.