Kejriwal faces criticism for his statement on SYL

Haryana minister Anil Vij confronts Kejriwal on his statement


The Chief Minister of Delhi has caught in the controversies for his statement on the SYL issue in Punjab. On Tuesday, during his visit at founder of BSP Kanshi Ram’s village, Kejriwal had made a statement on SYL issue and told that Punjab has no spare water for Haryana. Moreover, he had marked his protest against the SYL canal.

On water issue, the muffler man has tried to play a stunt to gain the political mileage as the issue is concerned with all Punjabis’. The motive of the Chief Minister was to win the support of people of Punjab.

However, the statement of Kejriwal draws flak from the cabinet minister of Haryana Anil Vij.

Vij confronts Kejriwal for his statement on SYL

vij tweet

The statement of Kejriwal for SYL has raised the objections from the neighbouring state. Anil Vij, the cabinet minister of Haryana has objected the muffler man for making his statement that Punjab has no spare water for Haryana.

Vij has commented on twitter and he mentioned, Kejriwal says Punjab have no water to spare for #SYL Haryana. If we say we also have no water to spare for Delhi what will Kejriwal do?”

The other politicians in Haryana have also up in arms against the Chief Minister of Delhi who has made such a stupid statement on the water crisis. He himself was begging for water from Haryana for Delhi when the Jat agitation was going on as the Munak canal was closed due to the protests in Haryana.

Kejriwal’s minister gives different statement on water


Kapil Mishra had something different to say about the water. Mishra in a television interview told that no one has proper right on the water and moreover, water is not a personal property of a state. Mishra talked differently on the water issue but for his boss it’s a state’s property. Both the CM and his minister differ on a single issue and making immature statements.