Phoolka should apologise to Sikhs


The senior lawyer of Supreme Court of India and AAP leader H S Phoolka should explain why the AAP government in Delhi failed to bring justice to the 1984 anti-riots affected families.

During the campaign of Delhi assembly elections, the AAP party had promised the riots affected families to form a SIT and the culprits would put behind the bars. The point was mentioned in one of the main agendas of the party’s manifesto. However, nothing has done so far in this regard.

The different Sikh organisations had demanded a fair probe in the missing files case. The “AAP government” facing criticism and a picture of Kejriwal with Tytler in which both were smiling and holding hands together revealed the relationship of the duo.

According to the information, the organisation had also demanded the inquiry against Phoolka and the case of the Sikh carnage is lingered on since 1984. The picture of Kejriwal with Tytler should be matter of concern as Kejriwal was boldly said that he would put Tytler behind bars if forms the government in Delhi.

Phoolka had joined the “Aam Aadmi Party” in 2014 when he saw the muffler man highlighting the issue as he knew that a political platform will enhance his publicity across the country. Moreover, he was very much aware of the fact that he could be the most valuable vote bank of “AAP” because of the case.

The careless AAP government claimed that a SIT was formed but the officials lost the SIT report files. The matter unearthed when the AAP government sent a letter to the concerned ministry about the SIT files.

However, the AAP leader Phoolka did not make any statement on the mission files issue. He has backstabbed the entire Sikh community by delaying the justice. He has forgotten that Justice delayed means justice denied.


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