Kejriwal mum on SYL row, also defers Punjab Dalit manifestor

First time in the history of Aam Aadmi Party when the party’s national convener Arvind Kejriwal has been maintaining his silence on SYL issue and moreover, he has deffer ed the release of Punjab dalit manifesto.

Whenever something happens in the country, the AAP supremo immediately reacts on social media. However, the AAP head is now silently sitting and not speaking a single word for SYL.

Actually, he has lost his ground in Punjab over his dual stand for the SYL issue. During the budget session, when the Chief Minister of Punjab Prakash Singh Badal brought the resolution to oppose SYL, the Delhi Chief Minister had told the media that Punjab had no sufficient water and the water would not be shared.

The Haryana government gave ultimatum to Kejriwal about his statement supporting Punjab and after the ultimatum, the AAP head suddenly changed his statement. He sided with Haryana and said that every state has equal share of water.

Moreover, the AAP led Delhi government exposed when it was unearthed that the government had submitted a affidavit supporting the SYL issue. At that time the CM of Delhi acted smartly and terminated the services of counsel from the Delhi Jal Board.

However, all stunts played by Kejriwal failed and now he has completely lost the ground in Punjab. He had also planned to announce the Dalit manifesto in Punjab but now the Dalit farmers are also against him for playing stunts over SYL row.

Punjab is the first state in the country having maximum Dalit population and majority of the populations consists of farmers. A close source in the AAP party revealed that the party has deferred the release of Dalit manifesto because the dalits turned anti against him.

The AAP has completely exposed in front of the public for making so many u-turns and people are not supporting the party any morel. The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has been finding the way outs to come out clean over SYL issue.


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