Kejriwal becomes zero in Punjab


Arvind Kejriwal failed to fetch crowd in various rallies organized in Punjab during his ten day visit. People didn’t show their interest as they are aware with the fake promises of the Delhi Chief Minister.

The ten days tour of AAP supremo turned into a flop show as people were reluctant to hear Kejriwal. The party had organized a Dharna to woo the voters against SYL but within hours, the party took u-turn and finished the Dharna.

Arvind Kejriwal’s u-turn on SYL drew flak and the party tried to improve its image. However, people came to know about the cheap stunts of AAP head. If we take a look at the ten days visit of Kejriwal in Punjab, the entire program turned into a big flop show.

The party organized rallies in various parts of the state but people showed their reluctance to hear Kejriwal. As per the information, the chairs during the rallies were empty and there were few people who attended the programs.

Talking to a Swaran Singh, a resident of Sangrur said, “We hardly bother about the tour of Kejriwal who is a biggest liar who has mastered the art of duping people. AAP is not different from other parties.”

Ram Singh, a Dalit said, “He has done nothing for Dalits in Delhi and now he is trying to be fool us by promising the Dalit leader as Deputy CM. We are not fools and we understand what he wants to do.”

In Sujanpur rally, the AAP leaders were red faced when they saw few people attending the rally. The party failed to pull crowd in the event. The AAP leaders were making tall claims that Sujanpur rally would witness thousands of people but it turned into a flop show.

It seems the statement made by Kejriwal that AAP would hit a century in the upcoming polls would not win even ten seats.


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