Sanjay Singh invited trouble for himself, insults the court

The AAP leaders are deliberately levelling allegations against political rivals and then they face the cases of defamation. Who has been bearing the fee of the lawyers fighting their cases; it’s obvious that Delhi exchequer will pay the expenses of the lawyers.

The Ludhiana court has framed charges against the AAP Punjab in-charge Sanjay Singh in the defamation case filed by the Punjab revenue minister Bikramjit Singh Majithia.

The charges have been framed under section 500, 502 and 120-B of Indian Penal Code. The charges are of defamation, distributing material to defame a person and criminal conspiracy against a person.

Punjab revenue minister Bikramjit Singh Majithia had filed a criminal defamation case against Sanjay Singh in January this year after the latter called him a “drug trader”.

The next day of the hearing is on October 3 in which evidence against Sanjay Singh will be presented in court. Sanjay Singh had told earlier that he would ready to go jail but when the case submitted in Ludhiana court, he applied for bail and like his boss he took U-turn on the event.

When court framed charges against Sanjay Singh he repeatedly said that he would not change his statement against the minister. It means the AAP leader has no respect for the court as the matter is in court and he is levelling allegations against Majithia. He has invited trouble for  himself as he repeatedly fired salvos at the minister when the case is still in the court. Sanjay Singh has insulted the judiciary as he made the self-styled statement against the court.

The AAP leaders are facing trials in the court for levelling allegations against the rival politicians without any evidence. In all the court cases, the AAP leaders told the public that they would go to jail but later they applied for bail.

All the time the AAP leaders are busy in playing blame game politics to hit the headlines. Ultimately, the Delhi people are suffering who trusted AAP party and cast their votes to the party. The expenses of lawyer’s fee are being given by the Delhi exchequer.


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