AAP’s manifesto for farmers, every promise already delivered by Punjab govt

kejri 1

The self-styled dictator of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal released a separate manifesto for farmers in Punjab and promised the moon to the farmers. Interestingly, the points taken in the party’s manifesto have already accomplished by the ruling Punjab government led by SAD-BJP alliance.

Kejriwal also promised that AAP, if it came to power in Punjab, will launch a loan waiver plan for farmers.

The loan waiver point taken in the manifesto has already accomplished by Punjab government. AAP government will give Rs 20,000 per acre as compensation for crop loss to farmers. However, the Punjab government already gave the compensation to the farmers.

Kejriwal himself tried to show a well-wisher of the Punjab farmers. He is the same person who instigated a farmer to commit suicide in his rally at Delhi. At that time Kejriwal was addressing a rally and a farmer climbed on a tree at Jantar Mantar. The farmer committed suicide by hanging in front of Kejriwal and other AAP leaders who did not stop the farmer but instigated him for suicide. Even Kejriwal did not stop his speech till the death of the farmer.

In Delhi, the farmers are still waiting for the compensation amount for their crop damage. The Delhi government did not deliver the promise of giving free agriculture plots to the poor farmers in the national capital.

The same AAP supremo is now offering the moon to the Punjab farmers so that he could win their votes. All the promises made to the Punjab farmers have already fulfilled by the ruling Punjab government.

Subsidy schemes given to the farmers for diversified farming, cashless insurance scheme under Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Bima Yojna and interest-free loans for the children of farmers are already started in Punjab.

Arvind Kejriwal has tried to dupe the farmers of Punjab by offering those promises which are already delivered. He has forgotten that Punjabis’ won’t be duped by him this time.


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