Media Continues to Provide Unwarranted Importance to AAP

“Led by power hungry Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party is reduced to bunch of disgruntled leaders. Its support base is shrinking rapidly and it is all but a hype created with the help of undue importance given by media”

CM of Delhi and the leader of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, really knows what it takes to make headlines, be it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for him and his party everything counts as long as Kejriwal and controversies go hand in hand. From the infamous ‘ink attack’ to the stone pelting when he last visited Punjab, many instances in attempt to hog limelight have arisen.

Advertising as Paid News

It is honest to say that the Delhi government received a whopping Rs. 526 crores for advertising, much higher than what the central government’s budget is. Even Punjab’s annual ad budget is Rs. 27 crores and still AAP spent more that that during Kejriva’s five-day visit to the state. Two-page ads were released for five days continuously in all of the region’s leading publication. In those ads there was no boasting of what the party had achieved but rather they resorted to print misleading ads that appeared like news features and were published extensively.

Propaganda by former journalists

Senior journalists turn AAP activists Ashutosh, Ashish Khetan and others, who used to host debates, are now pushing party agenda through the media connections. Huge advertising budgets along with vast PR machinery continue to fuel party agenda.

AAP was the hope that everyone needed, but now it’s a mere bubble on the verge of bursting. It lacks in ideology and does not have a clear defined vision, the supporter base is also dwindling fast and they are not able to deliver on any of the promises they had made.


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