Bhagwant Mann – Aimless and Agenda-less!

When AAP had suspended Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Singh Khalsa, two of it’s senior MPs, from party fold, they were left with no choice but to bring forth stand-up comedian Bhagwant Maan and Sangrur as party leaders of Lok Sabha. He immediately replaced Dharamvir Gandhi, who had raised his voice against AAP for having expelled co-founders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

Just before he had been elevated to such a top position in the party, a formal complaint was send out to the party high command for his alcohol addiction. There was no action taken in regards to the complaint, rather his position was elevated and primarily due to his closeness in the ‘Arvind coterie’. The irony of it all is that beside becoming the leader of the Lok Sabha party, Mann is also the poster boy for a political campaign being run in Punjab to end ‘Nashakhori’ (addiction).

This rise for an entertainer is incredible – someone who rode through with his punchlines in poll campaigns and then eventually to Lok Sabha. But it is easy to guess how long his success will trail.

There is no doubt that he can pull in a crowd, being an entertainer and having had some fame in past. He now seems to be star leader of the party without there being any substantial base and leadership in Punjab. His theatrics and cheap antics may grab attention on a large scale but we have to question whether a person who has no understanding of basic democratic value can offer governance, and that too of the right kind?

Though his qualities as an entertainer may have appealed the masses, it is quite unlikely that he will be able to hold ground as a politician for long. A politician will be tested on a series of parameters that revolve around one or two major and central issues. A good politician in one who can not only understands but has full knowledge of the issues that grapple the society and can offer sustainable solutions, if no that their image will of course be tarnished but they can still be tested in the long run.

However, on the other hand if a politician has no clue about what kind of issues the public is facing than morally that person does not have the right to represent those people. Bhagwant Mann is one of those people. It’s quite clear that he has no vision or agenda for the people of Punjab, rather he is often seen being insensitive and irresponsible, hurting Sikh sentiments along the way. His addiction to alcohol is out in the open and yet he has been chosen to lead the people, without a clue, without a goal, without empathy.

Bhagwant Mann may have pushed his way through to Lok Sabha with his comic timing, but his political innings will be soon timed out!


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