Contrary to Popular Belief, AAP is In Fact Anti-Poor

“The condition laid down by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government prohibits MCD from employing new Safai ‘Karamcharis’ and class-IV employees. This move has not only adversely impacted the sanitation services in Delhi but has also reduced the employment opportunity for marginalised section of society.”

Demolition of slums

It has now been a good year since AAP has been in power who had also promised to eradicate the slum in Delhi, however, as of yet no action in that direction has occurred. And the people living in slums have a huge role to play in bringing AAP to power and for what?

The people belonging to the slum parts of Delhi were expecting houses made in the name of EWS as per the promise, but nothing like that has occurred so far. Another promise that they are in the hope for is the promise that the party would build ‘pucca’ houses for them

AAP had also promised way ahead of the polls that there would be no demolition taking place but they failed to keep their promise yet again. Due to which, last year in the month of December, a six month old child died in the anti-encroachment drive carried by the Railways in Shakur Basti, Northwest Delhi. AAP was well aware of what had happened but remained mum over the matter. The situation did slip out of their hands once and AAP came forward but only to hog the limelight.

Non-payment of pensions

AAP also has the audacity to increase their MLA’s salaries by a whopping 400%, which makes it approximately Rs 3 lakh/month!! They did not even think twice on the matter and to make matters worse, they spent another Rs 526 CRORES of the tax payer’s money on mere self-glorification!! The Delhi government does not have sufficient funds to pay pensions to senior citizens, widows and people with disabilities.

The only thing AAP is good is taking up as much of the spot light as possible and snatch votes through pure sympathy. There is absolutely no substantial claims that they have made and their tall orders are nothing but poll plank.


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