Kejriwal: The People’s Pseudo Robinhood

Kejriwal needs a sincere reality check it seems. If his inspiration comes from Mahatma Gandhi then he should consider how he had lived; from simple ashrams to the plush Birla house in New Delhi, where he was assassinated!

Arvind Kejriwal won the elections by promising to the people a government that was simple and could be held accountable for their actions. He has demonstrated in pursuit of distinguishing his party, Aam Aadmi (AAP), severe austerity.

It costs a lot to keep him poor

When Kejriwal came to Ram Leela Maidan to take an oath as the new chief minister, he decided to come via the Delhi Metro. For that a separate metro had to be arranged that cost the government more than Rs. 80 Lakhs. If he had just taken the oath at the Raj Niwas then the total cost the government would have had to endure would have been less than Rs. 5 lakh!!

Fascination for palatial accommodation

During the initial formation of the government, that ran for a mere 49 days, Kejriwal and the other AAP ministers made a huge fuss on accepting the official bungalows that get allotted and rather shift to Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flats. But that seems to be in the past now, now AAP has been allotted seven bungalows as per protocol but are now showing displeasure on the type of residence.

Kejriwal himself has outrightly refused to live at the official CM residence, which is a four-bedroom bungalow at  33, Shamnath Marg. It has been reported that the bungalow is apparently is jinxed, where two former chief minsters (Chaudhary Brahma Prakash and Madan Lal Khurana) were unable to complete a full tenure and another who died after falling ill.

Kejriwal has always spoken up about and portrayed an image of simplicity and a desire to end VIP culture. However this time around he himself demanded better accommodation that what is usually provided to Delhi ministers. Where they are provided with a type-6 accommodation and he asked particularly for a type-7. He personally asked the union ministry of urban development for the up-gradation.

Eventually Kejriwal got what he asked for, a Type-7 bungalow – 6, Flagstaff Road, Delhi, which is fully equipped with a beautiful lawn and an office space that can accommodate up to 40 people.

The whole time Kejriwal tried to sustain from falling into the clutches of the riches and luxury that come along with being CM and tried his level best to project a poor government instead. However, by now accepting all of it, it seems he has fallen and he has fallen deep.



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