Two Faced AAP

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) had started off their political campaign strong, promising to provide alternate politics to the public, one that was not infested with corruption, dynasty rule and lack of transparency. However, as we observe and take a deep look at the world of politics, we can see that AAP has fallen into the shark infested waters, they originally wanted to clean up.

Murky religious politics

Arvind Kejriwal went head strong and dove right into active politics with the commitment to end what is known as ‘religious politics’ and to create an equal and just world, free from such biases. He went on to state that the common man of this country is secular, but it is the political parties that fills them with hatred and insecurities. The ending of vote banks was also promised, however he has gone far from his policy and ideology and has begun to milk the religious vote bank!

For each religious outlook a different cell was formed by AAP in a way to reach out to each community. They inducted Muslims and dominated four of the constituencies in Delhi by Sikhs. There is no denying that the winning candidate will come from one of these dominant communities.

Kejriwal said in his defense that such cells were formed to help aim and target certain issues affecting the particular community. We don’t disagree that there are several issues to be resolved in a community, but is this the solution?

Today there’s a Sikh cell, but what about tomorrow? A Christian or Jain cell?? What happened to being secular? To being an Aam Aadmi? 

Pseudo-secularism exposed by senior party leader

AAP was exposed by their national executive and political affairs committee member, who alleged that the party played with the sentiments of Muslims in return of their precious votes. He claimed that AAP was never interesting on the issues related to Muslims, backwards and Dalits. He went on to say that now Muslims are being pursued and used as political tools in order to gain political benefits.


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