AAP Falling Apart

What had started as the result of the aftermath of Anna’s protest against corruption, the lack of transparency, dynasty rule and misuse of the public’s hard earned money. This gave rise to Arvind Kejirwal’s desire to get his hands dirty (in politics) and founded AAP political party as in accordance to him it was the only way to ‘clean’ politics.

False hope of ‘Change’

Hopeless Indians, suffocating under the weight of the dynasty rule and corruption-infested governance, they saw him as a Messiah who would turn around the way the world saw politics. Unfortunately, to their disbelief, it all turned out to be more of a hype that was created with unceremonious intentions to gain power. The major problem with an experiment like AAP is that there is a lack of vision and ideology and that misleads the public, making them hold on to false hope.

Corruption free governance, a sham!

With new evidence cropping up, it is obvious that the biggest reason for AAP coming into power was their promise for alternate politics and the eradication of corruption from it’s roots. However, since AAP has been in power for the past year innumerable scams have surfaced. With the accusations, allegations and stings AAPs functioning as a government has been extensively marred.

The only objective for AAP nowadays seems to be ‘power’ even with internal feuds and mudslinging becoming the norm. This divide within the party has now become evident to the public and that’s not what the people had voted for.

The biggest promise made by AAP was to look out for the betterment of it’s people, something that has been utterly lacking since AAP has come into power in Delhi.


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