AAP: A Junkyard For The Unwanted

AAP: A Junkyard For The Unwanted

It seems that nowadays Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is the junkyard where leaders who fail to get tickets from other major parties are seeking shelter and joining left, right and center.

Aam Aadmi Party, built on the aftermath of the Anna movement, had committed to offer an alternate politics that would rid Delhi of corruption once and for all! While many supported and cheered for them, time brought about the realization that eradicating corruption was merely a lip service as AAP was caught red handed in numerous scams, leaving alternate politics just a hopeful idea.

No clear vision for state

AAP immensely lacks substance to prove their point and tend to rely heavily on rhetoric. Not to mention that besides lacking organizational structure, AAP does not have a blueprint of Punjab; whether it is agricultural, industrial, educational, or social welfare. AAP clearly is lacking in a defined vision for Delhi.

AAP is also facing a major crisis in finding a leader for Punjab. Kejriwal is the face of the campaign, however they have no other potential candidate. They tried their best to hunt down some potential CM candidates for Punjab. They tried roping in former MP of Amritsar and BJP leader, Navjot Singh Sidhu but desperately failed. They even tried to bag Manpreet Singh Badal who is the Founder of People’s Party of Punjab but unfortunately for them he joined up with Congress.

It is a party full of outsiders, who are either with leftist leanings and those who have supported terrorism. Contrary to what AAP had offered to the public, they are now seen as a junkyard full of disgruntled political leaders.



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