Odd-even scheme didn’t reduce pollution level; acknowledges Kejriwal

“As the AAP led Delhi government rolls out the second phase of odd-even car rationing scheme, Delhi CM and AAP chief, Arvind Kejirwal has confessed that it didn’t help reducing pollution level. Now the crucial question arises – why are they experimenting again?”


Delhi government had sent a shock wave across the city this New Year by introducing odd-even car rationing scheme. Even thought about it reminds car owners in the national capital about the horrifying time spent in the beginning of the year when the rule was on. Quite oddly placed this scheme had failed miserably to curb pollution level in city. But, still the AAP government didn’t shy away from blowing their own trumpet by declaring the scheme as a grand success.

Kejriwal’s recent confession has come in contradiction to the pervious claims of AAP government but still it didn’t deter them for launching the much-hyped plan once again.

A flawed plan thrust upon Delhi citizens

 It is well known fact that it is a flawed plan, as its basic purpose stands defeated. It was meant to control the pollution level in the city but that didn’t happen. Findings of the analysis have revealed that the pollution level didn’t drop when the scheme was in operation. Arvind Kejriwal himself has confessed this fact but still he has the courage to thrust this flawed plan on to citizens of Delhi.

Real pollutant not targeted

Delhi is the most polluted city in the world and city poses major health hazards to people due to alarming levels of pollution. But, the pollution problem is highly complex and the major pollutants need to be controlled in order to find a sustainable solution to the problem. The major pollutants are diesel vehicles – truck, buses etc.; diesel generators, dust particles and pollution caused by various industries.

It is noteworthy that a study conducted by IIT Kanpur on pollutants of Delhi found out that cars cause only one percent of the total pollution.


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