After Punjab, Goa to be next destination of AAP

“It is official now – Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is preparing to party at the shores of Goa as the party leadership has given its nod to contest Goa State Assembly elections in 2017. AAP is surely in for some real fun, considering the heavy dose of drama, the party is known for!”


 AAP has been partying hard ever since it came to power in Delhi. There seems to be no end to AAP’s rollercoaster rides and now the party is all to set its base in Goa after Punjab. AAP chief, Arvind Kejriwal has always showed his intention of going at National level.

Spreading its horizon, AAP is now set to contest assembly elections in Goa. While Kejriwal is going all out to quench his thirst for power, it will be interesting to see how the party goes about in the state with no political base and organizational structure.

Political opportunism


AAP has displayed height of political opportunism by deciding to contest elections in Goa. AAP might have found it relatively easier to contest elections in Goa considering it being a small state; it would be no easy task for the party. A crucial question arises here – how much do they know about the state that they are confident of forming a government?

It is very important to understand the ethos, culture & heritage of state to be able to offer good governance. Being a Portuguese territory, Goa has a complex history and issues pertaining to state are very peculiar in nature, which is note easy for an outsider to understand. There is also deep engraved sense of alienation among people of Goa and that makes it ever more difficult for an outsider to establish a deep-rooted connect. In such situation AAP can only create ripples in water but in no way can set-up its base in the coastal state.


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