Left red-faced on SYL issue, AAP used state counsel as scapegoat

“Aam Aadmi Party having barely recovered from the flip-flops of Arvind Kejriwal on the contentious issue of construction of Satluj Yamuna Link, has used the state counsel as a scapegoat to save his skin.”


 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has never been consistent on the contentious & emotive issue of construction of Satluj Yamuna Link (SYL) canal. When Kejriwal visited Punjab last when an aim to garner sympathy of Punjabi voters, he took a stance in favour of Punjab and stated that the state didn’t even have a single drop of water to spare with anybody. Fearing public ire from his home state, Haryana, Kejriwal later retracted from his previous stand and stated that there should be ‘no politics on water’.

Kejriwal left red-faced with AAP government’s submission in Supreme Court

AAP government counsel Suresh Tripathy, representing Delhi Jal Board in the ongoing hearing in the matter, stated in front of Supreme Court, “Punjab has gone beyond its legal competence in unilaterally passing the Punjab Termination of Agreement Act, 2004.” It is noteworthy Delhi counsel had echoed Haryana’s stand on the issue, which left Arvind Kejriwal red-faced.

Kejriwal uses counsel as a scapegoat

After the Delhi government’s written submission in apex court, Kejriwal faced public ire from the people of poll bound state of Punjab. He was branded as ‘Son of Haryana’ who had no love for Punjab.

In a damage control mode, after filing of written submissions in the Supreme Court, the government kicked its counsel saying his submissions were “unauthorised”. Delhi government even went on to defend its view by stating that he was an appointee of the previous Congress government.

Using government counsel Suresh Tripathy as a scapegoat, AAP government sacked him later and Kejriwal later stated the government would submit fresh submission in the court on the matter.


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