No end to AAP’s divisive religious politics: reach out to Namdhari sect

Born out of the Anna Hazare movement, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party was committed to putting an end to “Nafrat Ki Rajniti” (politics of hatred). But it was long before the hunger for power reduced the party to murky world vote bank politics of religion.

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 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) took the political plunge with a promise of changing the dynamic of vote bank politics. But if we dig into their world of politics then it reveal that AAP has fallen into the trap of politics, it originally wanted to change.

Dirty religious politics

When Arvind Kejriwal floated his political outfit, he was committed to end religious and divisive politics and create a free world devoid of any kind of biases. He was firm on his stand that common man is secular and it is the political parties who create boundaries of religion and caste for their own vested interest.   He further stated that politicians create hatred and spread communal disharmony. So, in midst of divisive politics, Kejriwal stood firm on putting an end to vote bank politics.


But, it proved to be a political stunt as AAP began to milik the vote bank on religious as soon as it came into existence. It is noteworthy that Kejriwal after kicking off his poll campaign in state; has left no stone unturned to garner sympathy of Dalits in state. Kejriwal has already done the rounds of all the prominent ‘deras’ in state.

Reach out to Namdhari sect

Namdhari sect is powerful and resourceful community in Punjab and they have played a crucial role in socio-economic fabric of the state. With an eye on upcoming assembly polls in state, Punjab AAP leaders are reaching out to the community and AAP Punjab Convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur and Sangrur MP, Bhagwant Singh Mann attended a latest community gathering.


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