No representation of Sikh community in Delhi government

“When Sikhs are getting respect and recognition across the world in the counties like US, England and Canada, AAP convener, Arvind Kejriwal has ignored the Sikhs by not giving any representation to the community in his cabinet.”


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has always shown commitment towards Sikh community and AAP chief, Arvind Kejriwal always projects himself as well wisher of Sikh community. But contrary to their claims, AAP has ignored the Sikh community by not giving any representation to them in Delhi cabinet. Dynamic Sikh community has been the building blocks of National capital and they have played an instrumental role in building the socio-economic structure of the city.

Punjabi culture and heritage has been infused deep into the ethos of Delhi. But, it is really unfortunate that Delhi CM has ignored the Sikh community.

Narrow thinking towards Sikh community           

The narrow thinking of Kejriwal regarding Sikhs is clearly evident and he is always played with their emotions to gain political mileage. In such context, what can the Sikhs expect from Kejriwal?

While on one hand Kejriwal makes claims of showing solidarity with Punjab and Sikhs, while on other side he himself has cheated them and meted out step motherly treatment to them. Kejriwal does not bestow faith in Punjabis and instead of giving prominence to Punjabi people, he has given preference to non-Punjabi people in Punjab. He is native of Haryana and he given important responsibilities to people who don’t have any sort of connector emotional feelings with issues facing Punjab.

People of Punjab have got a reality check one year ahead of elections in Punjab and people of Punjab would never fall prey to the political conniving of Kejriwal.


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