Anti Sikh AAP desperate to make inroads into Punjab

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) since inception has always played religious card for political gains and projected itself as the crusader of Sikh cause. But their trues colors have come to fore as one hand they talk in favor of Sikhs and on other side backstabs them in Delhi.”


 Ahead of Delhi polls, AAP showed commitment re-investigate the Sikh carnage, which claimed lives of 4000 innocent Sikhs. Making it a poll issue, Kejriwal promised to put the culprits behind the bar and setup a special investigation team (SIT). Proving it to be a poll plank, people of Delhi realized that it was nothing but empty promise.

File meant to set up SIT goes missing

Ahead of assembly polls in Delhi, AAP promised to setup SIT on ant-Sikh riots case. Keeping his promise, Arvind Kejriwal announced after reigning the power of Delhi government, Kejriwal announced formation of SIT but it proved to be political stunt later.

Eleven months after the announcement made by Kejriwal, it was surfaced from media reports in January 2016 that the file meant to constituent SIT was missing and Delhi government was clueless about that.

The file was marked to Delhi home minister, Jitender Singh Tomar and when he was confronted with media, he first rubbished it as rumour but later realizing his mistake, expressed helplessness

Announcement of SIT formation was delay tactic

It has now become evident that Kejriwal’s announcement to form SIT was delay tactic to stall probe on anti Sikh riots case. It became clear when an image showing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in jovial mood with Jagdish Tytler had gone viral on social networks. Kejriwal has always run away from all the promises and all the announcements he gave to the Sikhs have also proved false and full of lies.


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