Kejriwal has proved yet another time that he is ‘haryanavi’

“Arvind Kejriwal is never afraid of displays political opportunism. In Punjab, wearing a turban, he may project himself as committed the cause of state but he has made it clear on innumerable occasions that his heart beats for Haryana.”


 Changing his colours like a chameleon, Arvind Kejriwal quickly changes his stance to gain political mileage. Popularly known as ‘U-turn man’, Kejriwal often retracts from his previous public stand to score brownie points. Little does he realise that public memory is not as short as perhaps he thinks. His dubious nature and political opportunism stand fully exposed; Arvind Kejriwal has lost trust of people.

True ‘Haryanavi’

Kejriwal either remains silent on controversial issues pertaining to his home state, Haryana or takes a pro Haryana stand. In the latest case, involving river waters sharing between Punjab and Haryana, he first Punjab centric stand by stating that SYL canal should not be constructed as Punjab doesn’t even have a drop of water to share with any other state but later tilted towards his home state.

He might have supported the cause taken by Punjab with an eye on upcoming assembly polls in Punjab but realised that it might not go well with people of his home state. So, he was quick enough to change his stand taking a complete U-turn, Kejriwal filed an affidavit in Supreme Court endorsing Haryana’s stand.

Changes Colours for personal gains

Shedding his inherent characteristics, Arvind Kejriwal changes his colours quickly to score political points. In Punjab, he was seen talking in Punjabi wearing a turban and projected himself as the saviour of Punjabi community. But as per the situation and circumstance, he changes his tune and it must be noted that he never forgets to project his ‘baniya’ card while addressing the gathering of traders


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