AAP’s double standards on SYL issue exposed

“Arvind Kejriwal during his visit to Punjab showed full commitment to the cause of Punjab with an eye on assembly polls. Kejriwal echoed the Punjabi sentiments by proclaiming that Punjab has no water to share but he took a U-turn after his return to Delhi and sided with Haryana.”


 Displaying a height of political opportunism, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has backstabbed people of Punjab on the emotive and contentious issue of river waters sharing between Punjab and neighboring states. While AAP has been projecting itself as the crusader of issued faced by Punjab, on the other side it failed miserably on its very first test of royalty to the state.

AAP backstabs Punjab

Punjab and Haryana locked horns against each other for over more than three decades over construction of Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal. In wake of recent controversy over contentious issue, Kejriwal has opposed the construction of SYL canal during his recent visit to state. Desperate to woo Punjabi voters ahead of polls, Kejriwal took a pro Punjab stand but changed colors like a chameleon as soon as he left Punjab.

Retracting from the stand made during his Punjab visit, Kejriwal took a U-turn and supported the stand taken by Haryana. Delhi government supported Haryana by filing an affidavit in Supreme Court. It is noteworthy that Kejriwal was vociferous in stating that construction for SYL should not be resumed as Punjab doesn’t even have a drop of water to share with Haryana but later he sided with Haryana and demanded the construction.

Trying to fish in troubled water


It must be noted here that Delhi government was earlier pulled up by the apex Court for not taking appropriate step to handle water crisis during Jaat agitation in Haryana. Now, Kejriwal has raked up a controversy by poking his nose in the contentious issue between Punjab and Haryana.

Questions arises as to what is Kejriwal trying to prove by getting his hand dirty on this issue? In poll bound Punjab state, he first tried to milk the vote bank and later sided with his home state, Haryana.


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