No representation for Punjab in Political affairs committee of AAP

“Despite Punjab giving four MPs to AAP, the state was given no representation in the party’s political affairs committee and the national executive. This is the major cause of resentment among part MPs and their supporters.”


 Running high on confidence level, Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) decide to contest as many as 432 seats out of 545. The number was highest by any political party. Of all the candidates, only 18 could hold on to their security and a massive 414 AAP candidates from across the country lost their security deposit.

At a time when the entire country rejected AAP, Punjab proved to be the only saving grace as the party won only four seats from the state. But, despite that the state found no representation in the party’s political affairs committee and the national executive.

Trigger for internal rift

After the general election the four Member of Parliament of AAP had high hopes from the party and were thinking that the prominent positions would go to state’s kitty. But, to their utter disbelief state didn’t get any representation at national level bodies, which triggered resentment amongst the state leaders against the top leadership.

It came as a blot to sincere, hardworking worker of state unit who had tirelessly worked towards the welfare of the party. But not just the party workers at the state cadre, even the elected members form the party were completely ignored.

Adding to the woes of party members of state unit was dictatorship style functioning of party supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Contrary to the party stance of transparency and democratization, the top leadership works in completely autocratic manner. As a result, three out of four MPs have already locked horns with top leadership if the party.



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