Bhagwant Mann shields rapist; left red-faced by victim

“In a dramatic turn of events, Sangrur AAP MP Bhagwant Mann was left red-faced along with other AAP leader by a rape victim while he was defending the rapist in a press conference.”


 A Patiala based journalist was accused of rape and was later arrested in the case. Aam Aadmi Party’s MP from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann went all out to pronounce his support to the accused rapist and had termed his arrest as a case of repression of the media. Mann held a press conference to publicly announce his support and declare that he has been falsely implicated in the case. But, in a dramatic turn of events, the rape victim came at the dais with her side of the story.

Different side of the story

While Bhagwant Mann put his weight behind the rape accused to prove him as innocent and he had organised a press conference in Chandigarh to announce his support. But, leaving him shocked, a woman with face covered barged into the venue and interrupted the proceedings. Introducing herself as the rape victim, she pleaded the media persons gathered at the venue to listen to her side of the story before passing any judgement.

Fearing trouble, an embarrassed Mann had no option but to leave the venue. AAP leader Himmat Singh Shergill and youth wing President Harjot Bains were also present at the dais and but left red-faced, they also followed Mann and ran away.

Shocking facts revealed

After Mann and other AAP leaders left the venue, the victim went on to spelled the gory incident of oppression faced by her and share all the facts related to the case. The accused in question sexually molested her on pretext of marrying her and later blackmailed her of uploading her footage in objectionable condition on to the social media. He promised her of marrying her but exploited when she resisted.

Without trying to find out the facts, Mann defended a rape accused for his personal gains and when the truth came to public fore, he ran for cover.


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